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Administration About: Requests

This thread is for announcing when administration requests are open for this wikia. If you want to be an admin here on the Star Fox Wiki then you must come by here and see if requests are open and see on the News and Announcements board if there are already nominated member(s) for the position. Do not ask an admin that you should be nominated, only the admin(s) will decide who should be when a thread named "Administration Requests: JAN 2015 - FEB 2015" is created. The thread is for you to explain why you should become admin. The month and year on the thread will be shown, which is the first of that month until the first of the next month. Which means the thread will close in one month. The current admins will go through the threads when they close and nominate that member and create a voting thread for that member.
The threads for voting for those members will be named "Administration Request #0: Member". ONLY an admin of this wiki can create these threads after discussing with any other admins of who should be nominated. DO NOT create your own administration request thread. Doing so will not only get the thread closed or deleted, but will also lessen your chances on becoming a future administrator on this wiki. Request threads will tell you how to vote and what the rules are and how long the voting will be. If you have any further questions then you may ask one of the current active administrators here or ask it on this thread.
1. 1hs444 - PASSED
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