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1-Ups are special items in Star Fox, Star Fox 64/3D, and Star Fox: Assault. 1-Up is a general name given to anything that raises a life in a video game. For example, in the Mario series, a green mushroom called a 1-Up mushroom raises lives. In the Kirby Series, it is simply the word "1UP".


Star FoxEdit

In Star Fox, 1-Up assemblies can be found in various levels. They appear as three blue and red objects arranged in a triangular and vertical ring; shooting one of them will cause them to rotate, and shooting all three will cause the 1-Up to appear in the middle allowing you to fly through and obtain it. The easiest way to go about all this is to shoot one of the ring parts and then simply let the others rotate into your line of fire, while using your brakes to slow your speed.

Star Fox 64/3DEdit

In Star Fox 64/3D, they can be earned by making over 100 HIT points or collecting three golden shield rings a second time on one stage. They can also be found on some of the stages, but they are very rare. They are in a shape of an Arwing. Players can also retry a mission at the cost of a 1-Up, until there are no 1-Up's left. Performing a perfect somersault underneath Granga's walker will reward the player with a 1-Up, however, this only works once.

Strategy Guide referencesEdit

Check your battle maps carefully to see where you can collect this extremely rare item. It adds once ship to your inventory.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 16

Star Fox: AssaultEdit

In Assault, 1-Up's are hexagonal badges that are usually hidden in either places that are hard to reach or that nobody would expect.

Official Site descriptionEdit

1-Up: Adds an extra life to your stash.
—1-Up description on the official site

Instruction Booklet referencesEdit

Find one of these on a stage to receive an extra life.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet



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