Albedo is a measurement of how reflective something is, particularly in regards to planetary surfaces. This is a table of each of the planets in the Lylat System and their albedo, compared to the real-world Earth.

Planet name Albedo
Earth 0.306
Real-world Sun Apparent magnitude, -26.74; Absolute magnitude, 4.83
Lylat (Visual or Absolute magnitude?)
Macbeth 0.25
Fortuna Unknown
Katina 0.37
Corneria 0.37
Sauria Unknown
Meteo 0.004 (average)
Fichina 0.55
Aquas 0.45
Solar (Visual or Absolute magnitude?)
Sector X 0.73 (average)
Sector Y 0.59 (average)
Sector Z 0.53 (average)
Titania 0.15
Zoness 0.17
Venom 0.52
Papetoon Unknown

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