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Alpine Root

An Alpine Root.

Alpine Roots are items in Star Fox Adventures. The SnowHorn love to eat them, but are unfortunately unable to dig them up by themselves. To that in mind, Fox McCloud and Prince Tricky are sent to collect them.


They are large, beetroot-shaped plants that grow underground in SnowHorn Wastes and DarkIce Mines on planet Sauria. The Roots are dark yellow, and have dark, horizontal stripes running along their surface. They grow two leaves above ground which reveals their location. They can be dug up by using Prince Tricky's Find Command.

P.D.A Scanner Information

ALPINE ROOT - SnowHorn food


Alpine Roots are first collected at Ice Mountain where they are fed to a lonely SnowHorn complains about being too hungry to talk to strangers. Giving him the first root will reward Fox with his first Scarab Bag, eating the second root will cause the SnowHorn to stomp on the frozen pond and bringing down the ice block to reach the path to SnowHorn Wastes.

Slippy Toad later hints that Alpine Roots only seem to grow in sheltered subterranean conditions in DarkIce Mines. Fox McCloud has to find two Alpine Roots for an injured SnowHorn after saving him from two SharpClaws. After feeding the Roots to him, he tells Fox to hop on his back, so they can go smash the main gate, allowing Fox to continue his journey. After collecting the Dinosaur Horn, Fox will ride another SnowHorn into a blizzard, following a trail of Alpine Roots to keep up his strength.

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