Andross's Empire, also known as Andross's army, has held a significant antagonistic role in the Star Fox series, in the main games and spin-off media.

In the games

Star Fox

In Star Fox, Andross's army appeared to initially be comprised mostly of bipedal lizards seemingly under the influence of Andross. In the instruction manual, it is said the race as a whole inwardly wished to be liberated by Star Fox, suggesting that working for Andross was not a voluntary action.

Planet I: Venom

When Andross was driven out of Corneria by Director General Pepper, he occupied this planet as his base. While it used to be known as the "evergreen planet", and boasted beauty second only to Corneria's, Andross has re-made it into a dark, polluted world of military machines. The natives, who were not advanced, were enslaved by Andross, and drafters into his military machine. Though they serve Andross, they can inwardly hope that the forces of Corneria can win a victory and liberate the Lylat system.
—Star Fox 1993; Instruction Booklet

Star Fox 64/3D

StarFox Team Service Invoice

The Star Fox team's services receipt, as signed by Fox McCloud and sealed by General Pepper.

Appearing on every mission, the armies of Venom make up the game's bestiary. Every Hit Point made in the game is counted a one Venomian unit and rounded up by sp$64, for gaining a high gameplay score.


Andross's legions of minions have been mustered from sources throughout the Lylat system. From bio-tech enhanced monsters from the abysses of Aquas to mechanized starfighters assembled in Macbeth's weapons labs, Andross's minions have one thing in common: they are expendable. Each fighter pilot is expected to willingly give his life for the emperor; each robot is programmed to destroy or be destroyed, and each mindless bio-tech drone has been conditioned to think only one thought -- Destroy Star Fox!
—Star Fox

Star Fox: Assault

Because the Empire was destroyed by both the Cornerian Army and Star Fox by the end of the Lylat Wars, the army lost its leadership and was rendered a non-threat following the destruction of Andross, leaving remnants (which was composed of former members) the last threat of Venom's society at least up to the time of the Aparoid Invasion.

A new journey

One year has passed… After getting kicked out of Star Wolf's band of thugs, Andrew Oikonny takes control of his dead uncle Andross's remaining army and starts a rebellion. The Cornerian fleet is sent out to deal with the rebels and hostilities commence. However, Oikonny's army uses unexpected guerrilla tactics and the battle takes a turn for the worse. The exasperated General Pepper asks his old friend Peppy to help stop Oikonny and the Star Fox team takes off on  a new mission!
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet

Star Fox Command

Nine years later, it was superseded by the Anglar army, which was implied to be an artificial race resulting from Andross's experiments on Venom. Following one ending, Dash Bowman became the new steward of Venom and eventually turned small conflicts into war, taking his grandfather's place as Venom's dictator.

Fox stands alone...

In days gone by, the burning desire of Dr. Andross to rule the Lylat system filled the galaxy with the chaos of war. The mad ape sent out wave after wave of armies from his stronghold on the planet Venom, and used unique forms of radiation to create horrible monsters and terrible soldiers. His ambition swept this army across the galaxy too the planet Corneria.
It was there, however, that a quartet of mercenaries known as Star Fox put an end to the threat, and the leader of the team, Fox McCloud, defeated Andross in single combat.
In the years that followed, Venom was designated a forbidden planet and placed under the rigorous watch of Cornerian forces. All was going well until a mysterious army suddenly sprung forth from the toxic seas of the the planet. Controlled by a mysterious leader called the Anglar Emperor, this new threat cuts through the Lylat system like a scythe through ripe wheat. The unexpected attack once again places the peoples, cities, and culture of the Lylat system in dire peril.
But much to the shock and dismay of the Lylat people, the members of Star Fox have gone their separate ways... leaving Fox McCloud as the lone obstacle in the Anglar army's path. Despite the odds, Fox heroically launches himself into the fray. But can he survive without the aid of his former teammates?
—Instruction Booklet

Star Fox Zero

Akin to Star Fox 64, the empire of Andross performs as minor enemies and level bosses again.

Team Star Fox arrives on Wii U for a new adventure

An evil empire has risen and the Lylat system is in danger.[...]
—Star Fox

Star Fox 2

In Star Fox 2, the Andross air force have returned with an army of uncertain origin (possibly Venomian, although Venom itself seemed to be liberated and thriving as a Cornerian ally). In the early development version, they used battleships of unknown classes, storming past the outer-lying planets via interplanetary hyperspace. The army also employed finished Bio-weapons, such as the Mirage Dragon seen destroying a fleet of Cornerian vessels in the opening credits.

Other appearances

Star Fox (WarioWare: Smooth Moves)

The minions from the first Star Fox return as enemies in the microgame included in WarioWare: Smooth Moves.

Super Smash Bros. series

  • The army is referenced in Leon's trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl under the name of the Venom army. It also states that Leon himself was once in the army.
  • Wolf O'Donnell's trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U states that he served in Andross's army before he was exiled, where Wolf tangled in battles with the Star Fox team, referencing the previous game's trophy about his implied history with James McCloud.


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