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The characterisitics of Andross, including his physical appearance, traits, in-game abilities and voice acting portrayals.


Andross SFZ Emperor

The intro of Star Fox Zero.

While it has not ever been confirmed what species he belongs to, Andross is undoubtedly an ape or primate. This is rather fitting considering that simians tend to be regarded as a highly intelligent species in the animal kingdom. 

Andross normally takes on the form of a disembodied entity with robotic appendages in the games, while in the Nintendo Power comics, he takes a physical state of being as well as an entity.

In Star Fox Zero, Andross was shown to have a physical humanoid form, wearing segmented gauntlets along with elaborate purple robes with high red collars (identical to the Game Over screen from Star Fox), golden honeycomb plating, gold/ruby crystal epaulettes and a gold/ruby sceptre to designate his rank of emperor.


It is known that as Corneria's top scientific mind, he once was well respected but ultimately led him down paths to take his research further, into areas and subjects that the Cornerian people had no interest or fear of which proved Andross's work in vain, promoting him to gain a thirst for knowledge, power and a disregard for public safety that branded him as an evil mad scientist, who's evil began to match his ambition.

It is unknown how Andross survived his banishment to the planet of Venom, where it was presumed with the harsh conditions he would not survive. But nevertheless it is presumed that Andross's continuing of lethal experiments such as bio-weaponry conducted on Venom, including on himself, eventually left him in the state of a disembodied god-like entity, with immense powers as seen below. Andross's evil ambition began to attract the scum of the Lylat system into his services, creating an empire and giving him dreams of days when all beings in the Lylat system would bow before him.

Andross&#039;s parents

In Star Fox Zero, aside from his the above listed traits, he was also shown to bear a distinct hatred against the Cornerian canines, as evidenced by several of his comments to Fox during his final battle with him, where he inferred that General Pepper has Fox feeding out of his paws like his father and pondering how a fox is taking orders from a dog. He also infers that he believed peace to be meaningless, as he told Fox that the latter claimed to be fighting for peace, but questioned whether Fox actually knew what peace meant. Regardless, Andross has been content to employ any former Cornerian inhabitants that have betrayed their homeward and sided with him, namely Pigma and even canines such as the space pirate Wolf O'Donnell and the traitorous officer Captain Shears.

The Nintendo Power comic depicts a unique reason for Andross's bitter hatred of Corneria and its military as the result of losing his much loved foster android pig parents to an explosion caused by a military experiment gone wrong. This attributes to his cunning masterplan to work grudgingly for the military to understand their ways from within.

Reinard proof

Andross mistakes Fara Phoenix for Vixy Reinard.

The Nintendo Power comic also portrays a much kinder side to Andross where he was deeply entranced and infatuated with Vixy Reinard, even though she was unfortunately, already in love with Fox McCloud Sr. (later known as James McCloud) and had a son, although in jealousy he never believed that Fox Sr. deserved her. As it was, Andross planned to get rid of his rival by installing a spare bomb in his car. Unexpectedly, Vixy used the car that day instead, oblivious to Andross's actions and was tragically killed in the explosion, leaving Andross himself stricken with grief.

Abilities and Skills

Andross is known for possessing a wide array of natural talents, cybernetic enhancements, and supernatural powers. Below is a list of skills seen during the games.

Intellectual Skills

  • Military Genius: Able to lead his forces by using both superior technology, numbers, and brutality to overwhelm his opponents. In Star Fox Zero, he claimed his intellect was mighty enough that he could mold the universe into as he saw fit.
  • Scientific Knowledge: Using his genius in all sciences, he has built army units, combat equipment, created lethal monsters and bioweapons, and has altered the minds of others. These are one of many crimes which resulted in his banishment. Andross appeared to have used a special radiation when creating the bioweapons throughout different locations of the Lylat System, and also experimented on himself with cybernetics to transform himself into a bioweapon.
    • Another key area of Andross's scientific expertise is the use of inter-dimensional travel and space warps, which enabled the likely invasion plans to use the wormholes located in the Meteo asteroid field and Sector X as part of the Venom military machine. The use of dimension transporters or identical technology was witnessed and noted in Star Fox Zero the anime Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins, where General Pepper informs Fox that the Cornerian Military had confiscated a teleportation device Andross made and conceded it within the Cornerian Command tower.
    • In Star Fox Command, Peppy mentions that after being defeated by the Star Fox team for quite a few times, he began thinking that Andross could have developed a special terraforming device to neutralize the Venom Sea, and after completing it, he hid it on Titania, spending his remaining days there. This device proved too complicated for even Slippy to understand and was left for the twisted genius of Andross to be trusted, proving successful when the toxic wasteland of Venom terraformed into a lush, mild climbed paradise. The terraforming device became the focal point of some endings in the game.


During his exile on Venom, Andross has been performing experiments and modifications on himself. He has turned himself into a disembodied head with robotic hands and various abilities, capable of taking on starships and threatening fleets when given the chance. Andross's altered features are stated below:

  • Supernatural Lifeforce: The fact that Andross was able to be captured prior to his exile means that he hadn't acquired his supernatural abilities until he arrived on Venom. It is presumed that Andross's experiments conducted upon himself enabled him to become a disembodied entity, allowing the ape to survive in the poisonous atmosphere of Venom and the vacuum of space. His altered body also boasts a tough armored skin, able to withstand Laser and even Smart Bomb firepower. Considering that when Andross remains in his primate form when speaking on the Communications Channel and will revert back into his regular form moments after his brain is exposed in Adventures, as well as staying in his traditional physical form inside his Andromatter tower but changing immediately into a metallic version akin to his SNES form, it may be that he is able to shape shift and change between forms at will.
  • Probe Gloves: Andross controls probe gloves that float in position to his now disembodied head. They are very dexterous, and are telekinetically controlled to swipe, pound and crush opponents.
  • Telekinesis: The primary skill of Andross, his powerful vacuum allows him to inhale and exhale asteroids, any captured starfighters are crushed by his vise-like jaws and regurgitated. If this fails, Andross can exhale any inhaled asteroids at his enemy, sometimes dropping Supply rings or even Smart Bombs. 
  • Lightning Blasts: Produced from the tips of his hands and the gems within his palms.

Brain Form

His enormous head body was really a shell to hide his true, monstrous form, which is a giant brain with dangerous powers, implanted defenses, and teleportation capabilities.

  • Teleportation: This skill allows Andross to dodge attacks and cause disorientation or surprise ambushes and travel across great distances. This was accomplished via a Dimension Transport System being embedded in his brain form.
  • Tentacles: Located underneath the medulla, these lashing whip-like tentacles will snare any captured starfighters to shreds.
  • Homing Eyes: Starfighters will be pursued by pulsating eyeballs or minor enemy ships, Andross controls these to keep homing in on his enemies, connected by streams of dangerous energy.
  • Orb mines: Andross's brainpower can create a field of mine orbs, making a lethal flight path for his opponents.
  • Lasers: The eyes that are attached to Andross's brain are capable of bombarding star fighters with continuous streams of lasers until the eyes have been destroyed.


Language Game Voice actor
Japanese Star Fox 64 Daisuke Gouri
English Star Fox 64 Rick May
English Star Fox Adventures Duncan Botwood
English Star Fox 64 3D / Star Fox Zero David White
  • Like most characters, Andross's voice is drastically changed from Star Fox 64 when he appears at the end of Star Fox Adventures. In Star Fox 64, his voice was deep and sounded almost like two voices at once, while in Adventures his voice was still deep but had a bit of an accent (resembling a Caribbean accent). Yet Fox still recognizes his voice (though he doesn't yet know where) when he forces General Scales to give Fox the final Krazoa Spirit. In addition, Andross' "voice" in the original Star Fox for the SNES was even more different, being more high pitched.
    • In Star Fox 64, Andross' voice also had some resemblance to Giovanni's voice in the 4Kids dub of the Pokémon anime pre-"The Battle of the Badge."
      • The same game also had some similarities to British actor Tony Jay's voicework, causing some fans to mistakenly believe he was voiced by Tony Jay instead of Rick May.
  • In the original game, Andross' text was accompanied by a low chuckling noise (though as noted above, it was comparatively high pitched compared to his later appearances); in the unproduced SNES sequel, the voice was given a distorted range with a few English clips.


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