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I will scatter pieces of you throughout the galaxy!
—The Anglar Emperor

The Anglar Emperor (アングラー皇帝, Angurā Kōtei) is the leader of the Anglar race, and the primary antagonist of Star Fox Command. He attacked Corneria shortly after the Aparoids were destroyed during of the Aparoid Invasion. His five main cronies are Zako (Aquas), Zazan (Corneria), Zoldge (Solar), Octoman (Aquas), and Andrew Oikonny (Fichina).



During the course of Star Fox Command, it is revealed in pieces that the Anglars were once a non-sentient fish race inhabiting Venom's acidic ocean. When Andross was banished to Venom, he created a device that hastened his own evolution and allowed him to gain control over Venom's native creatures. He then converted several of them into bioweapons and spread them throughout the Lylat System. The Anglars were affected by the device, which contained Andross's DNA, as well and soon became a fierce fighting force. When Andross met his fate at the hands of the Star Fox Team, the Anglar Emperor took up his role as leader, and began preparing for an assault on the Lylat System.

Anglar Blitz

The Anglars made their existence known some time after the Aparoid Invasion, and launched a large attack against the system. The Star Fox Team had disbanded, and without them to defend Lylat, the Anglars quickly gained the upper hand, making it as far as Corneria. Near the end of the war, Star Fox Team was re-formed, and began decimating the Anglar Forces. Depending on the player's choices, the Anglar Emperor met his end at the hands of either Star Fox, or Star Wolf. Note that he is only fought in his regular form after the destruction of the Arrowhead on Venom. If the Arrow Head is destroyed in the Asteroid field, he will not be fought, presumably due to having died from exposure to space or being caught in the explosion.


During the first phase, against the Arrow Head, it has to be blasted away section by section, similar to a Monarch Dodora. It can only be hit when it is on the same floor with the player, and since the player cannot switch floors, a useful tactic would be using Smart Bombs. As the player breaks off sections of the creature, the sections drop off to the bottom of the room and will attempt to shoot the player down with lasers. Once enough sections are damaged, the remaining parts will align themselves tic-tac-toe style and attempt to ram the player. They can be blocked by shooting the sections or by rolling. This phase ends when the head is destroyed. In the main path, the battle ends here, since the player is fighting him in space and not on Venom. Otherwise, the Emperor will flee into the Venom Depths, and you will fight him "on rails" without a time limit.

Three pieces (which seem to be of the destroyed Arrow Head) will surround the Emperor and the player has to destroy them. Once that happens, they will turn red and the Anglar Emperor will start attacking. The player has to shoot him on the esca (the antenna-like thing on his head) and his life will begin to decrease. Once he takes enough damage, the player will have to deal with girders in addition to his normal attacks, and the girders will keep up until the player hits the pieces enough times as before. This part repeats until the battle is won, though it shouldn't take but one or two loops of this pattern to finish him. After that, the evil Emporer is dead.


The Anglar Emperor resembles an angler fish, hence his name. Originating on Venom, he appears as a final boss for several missions, and pilots a large serpent-like creature known as the Arrow Head. In some of the final missions, he becomes a very large angler fish, capable of taking the player's ship into his mouth, similar to Andross's ability in Star Fox 64



  • When you battle him in the Venom depths, his attacks resemble those from battles with his presumed creator Andross, complete with the ape's signature inhale and exhale attacks.
  • In the depths fight, when you give him damage, he will say "Oh sh...", then falter. He may have been about to swear, although the presumed word he was about to use is the same word but with another term which is not considered vulgar in Japanese.
  • All three main antagonists' (aside from the unfought General Scales, not counting the questionable canonicity of the Anglar Blitz) names begin with the letter A. The main antagonist and final boss of Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures is Andross. The final boss and main antagonist of Star Fox Assault is the Aparoid Queen. And the main antagonist and (usual) final boss of Star Fox Command is the Anglar Emperor, although Pigma can also be fought as a final boss.
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