The characteristics of the Anglar Emperor.


SFC Anglar Emperor Bugs

The Anglar Emperor's regard for other life-forms.

The Anglar Emperor resembles an angler fish, hence his name. Originating on Venom, he appears as a final boss for several missions, and pilots a large serpent-like creature known as the Arrow Head. In some of the final missions, he becomes a very large angler fish, capable of taking the player's ship into his mouth, similar to Andross's ability in Star Fox 64.


As an Emperor, he commands a great legion of faithfully loyal soldiers and mercenaries, who treat with with the upmost respect. Possibly influenced by his creator Andross's own ambition, the Anglar Emperor's goal is to rule the Lylat System, regarding lifeforms that aren't native to Venom or don't follow him as: bugs.

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