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Aparoid Laser Turrets are stationary defense strutures utilized by the Aparoids.


They look as if they have grown out of the wall, and they have roots extending from the base. Each has two laser cannons that fire in rapid succession, but it has to recharge for about five seconds to fire again. They glow orange, while the laser shots are dark green.


These turrets first appear on Fichina, alongside Aparoid Mortars to blockade a path. They are also on the underside of several bridges, as well as a section on top of the bridges full of them. They also appear in a tunnel that has seveal Aparoid Dragoons in it.


Aparoid turrets appear on Sauria, inside some tunnels, as well as being on the underside of a stone bridge, and near several of the Aparoid Hatchers.


Aparoid Laser Turrets appear on top of several buildings, as well as on the sides of larger ones.

Aparoid Homeworld

Aparoid Laser Turrets are located in and around several buildings. 

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