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In Star Fox: Assault, giant aparoids that approach the orbital gate function as missiles. Their main function is to smash into an enemy and detonate in order to destroy it. The missiles were designed in three different forms, each larger version becoming more powerful; the smaller types were launched in several waves, the second type had only two, and the largest one went alone. Fending them off is notably similar to the Sector Z mission in Star Fox 64.


After the Aparoid homeworld had been discovered, Cornerian military planners had realized that it would be too far away to travel conventionally there. Additionally, the Aparoid Queen, being the controlling force between all aparoid assault groups, had to be destroyed. Scientists, led by Beltino Toad, had found that, if an apoptosis program were to be injected into the queen, it could result in the destruction of the aparoids. Since Corneria City was heavily damaged, science personel were loaded onto the orbital gate to create the program. However, the aparoids were aware of this, and send hordes of fighters to attack. The raid failed, due to the combined efforts of the Star Fox team and Cornerian fighters. In response to this disruption to their plans, the aparoids launched missiles at the gate. This attack nearly succeeded, if not for the timely intervention of Star Fox and Star Wolf.


  1.  The primary type of missile used was a small version that could be launched en masse against a target. It was not heavily shielded, and was easily destroyed. Peppy implied when the missiles first appeared that the first missile type's concussive power was potent enough to destroy a planet should it connect.
  1.  The second variation was larger and had points on it that couldn't be damaged. It uses "guards" to provide a small shield that will damage Fox's Arwing if he runs into it.
  1.  The third version was the largest and strongest. Every time a part of it was destroyed, it would speed up. Its purple core is its weak point.

Super Smash Bros. seriesEdit

In the Wii U version of the fourth Super Smash Bros., Aparoid Missiles are present in the orbital gate stage, recreating Mission 8 from Star Fox: Assault, acting as hazards and temporary platforms before they charge into the gate. A smash taunt implied that targeting the warhead head-on would prove dangerous to the Arwings, necessitating that they attack from the sides or from behind.



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