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The Aparoid Mortar is something like a stationary version of the Dragoon, but glows a bright blue, and its "Roots" look more like rudimentary legs, as ther are six of them. They have two arc shaped arms to generate plasma torpedoes, and they can do considerable damage. In levels such as Meteo and the Homeworld core, they fire bright green lasers, and are obviously weaker than their ground counterparts


Aparoid Mortars are first encountered on Fichina, blockading a path alongside several Aparoid Laser Turrets.


Aparoid Mortars fire lasers in the entrace to the base and the final tunnel before you face an Aparoid-Infected Pigma Dengar.


Aparoid Mortars are found in several places on Sauria, and they defend some of the Aparoid Hatchers. Five are prestent on each cliff face.


Aparoid Mortars are present on Corneria, bombarding you from wall mounted emplacements.

Aparoid Homeworld

Aparoid Mortars are present on the side of the base where you can find Krystal. They are also present in several buildings near Aparoid Hatchers, and many are on the underside defending several more hatchers.

Homeworld Core

Just like Meteo, Several Aparoid Mortars fire lasers at several intersections, alongside the more powerful Aparoid Missile Launchers.

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