Bacoon is an ancient creature altered into a bioweapon that acts as the Aquas Boss in Star Fox 64 and the 3DS release.



The Bacoon attacks by barraging Fox's Blue-Marine with pearl bombs and artificial segmented pearl creatures. It has three barnacle mortars that allow its incredible line of attack.


When Bacoon first appears, it will reveal its tendons. These tendons must be disconnected by torpedoes. Before the tendons are destroyed, the player may also choose to destroy the three barnacle mortars on Bacoon's shell. If the player is going for the Aquas' Medal, it is very advisable to destroy them, for they each add a hit +3. Once the tendons are destroyed, Bacoon's top shell will collapse, revealing its eye. The eye must be destroyed by torpedoes and is often shielded by a flap of some sort. The flap must be damaged by regular lasers until it disappears, revealing the eye, then a homing torpedo must be fired upon the eye. In addition, the pearl bombs tend to block the torpedoes, and the more damage Bacoon takes, the more pearls it shoots.

Enemy Recon

This giant, evil clam-like being looks worse than it really is. Begin by shooting the two muscles on either side of the eye. When the top comes off, shoot the eye until you win.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 89


Inside Bacoon's gaping mouth, you'll see two red muscles that hold the two halves of the shell together. Break the muscles using lasers and torps until they break. Then shoot the eye.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 89


The snake-like worms that wriggle out of the pods on top of the clam shell will attack the Blue-Marine ceaselessly unless you blast them. You can destroy the pods to end this threat.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 89

Medal Tips

Shoot, fire torpedoes and barrel roll simultaneously for best results in the seas of Aquas. To make sure you destroy as many enemies as possible, use the brake to hold back and get them all! The underwater canyon just before the final lieutenant is a particularly target rich environment full of shrimp mutants and starfish. Be sure to destroy the huge barnacles on top of Bacoon's shell as these are worth 12 hit points.
—Star Fox


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