Battle of Fortuna

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Battle of Fortuna
Oikonny's Fleet and the Cornerian Army exchange laser fire above the orbit of Fortuna.
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The Battle of Fortuna (Oikonny Rebellion) was a masssive space battle that took place just prior to the Aparoid Invasion. Each side fielded massive armadas, but overall, the Cornerian ships were built with higher quality, so they inevitably won, yet the Venomians proved strategic by calling out reserved stealth tactics which kept the battle equal until the arrival of the Star Fox team.

Prelude Edit

Pepper discusses the rebellion with Fox.

Andrew Oikonny, a former member of team Star Wolf, took command of the late Andross's forces (the Venomian army). He decided to lure the Cornerian Fleet to Fortuna, where he kept his base. This proved to be a rather unfortunate gamble, as revealed later on.

Oikonny's Rebel Army Edit

Cornerian cruisers
The Cornerian army engage battle with their sworn enemies once again.
Oikonny fielded a fleet of Venomian Battlecruisers, his flagship, many squadrons of Venomian fighters, several squadrons of Venomian Interceptors, at least five Venomian Heavy Fighters, and at least four Venomian Stealth Bombers. By Peppy Hare's account, the simian soldiers were all common ruffians and other scum, seeking only profit in exchange for service.

Cornerian army Edit

Cornerian Battleship
Cornerian warships return fire upon the opposing Venomian ships.
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The Cornerians came into battle fully prepared, with a fleet of Cornerian Cruisers, and probably plenty of Cornerian Fighters.

Space battle Edit

Team Star Fox arrive to assist the Cornerian army in ending the Oikonny rebellion.

The battle wasn't easy for the Cornerians, as they suffered heavy losses to Oikonny. However, the Cornerian army managed to do a number on the frontline defenses after entering Battle Formation V. However, they were not at all prepared for his secret weapon: Stealth Squadron, resulting in significant damage to the fleet. Despite this setback, they managed to pull through, mainly after Fox McCloud destroyed six battleships single-handed, and obliterated half of the troublesome Stealth Squadron. Oikonny, in an attempt to "handle [Star Fox]," fled down to the surface of Fortuna when Fox broke through his lines and was about to fire on his flagship.

Ground Battle Edit

Lush Fortuna
Planet Fortuna on the surface.
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Fortuna was the site of a Venomian Base, so he expected it to be heavily fortified. He blasted his way through many fighters and heavy fighters, picking several off Falco Lombardi's tail and saving Slippy Toad a second time. There were plenty of ground fortifications, including Venomian Light Tanks, several Venomian Heavy Tanks, at least four Venomian Assault Mechs, and a large group of at least ten Venomian Heavy Assault Mechs.

Oikonny Edit

The flagship is mercilessly shot down by surprise, at this point in the game, the Aparoid Invasion had begun.
After plowing through all that, Fox finally tracked down Oikonny's Flagship, which in turn, transformed into an Oikonny Andross. After taking out both hands, it was destroyed by a few shots from an Aparoid Moth.


This sudden apperance of a new threat drew the Cornerians attentions away from the Venomian army, for this was the start of the catastrophic Aparoid Invasion.

Fortuna Aparoid
Star Fox return fire on a mysterious creature who assaulted Krystal.
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Any surviving Venomians were destroyed by Aparoids, or fled the planet into the Sargasso Hideout. Once the Aparoids were exterminated, supplies were taken by the Cornerians, from the remains of Andross's bases, to help reconstruct the Lylat System after the Aparoid Invasion.

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