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Pepper discusses the rebellion with Fox.

The Oikonny Rebellion was a conflict fought between the Cornerian Army and the remnants of the Venomian Army under the leadership of Andrew Oikonny, the nephew of Andross. It took place on the outskirts of the planet Fortuna following some time after the events during the Saurian Crisis. The Star Fox team prevailed as being responsible for ending the conflict with the defeat of Oikonny in Fortuna's jungles.

Cause of conflictEdit


Team Star Fox arrive to assist the Cornerian army in ending the Oikonny rebellion.

Andrew was a team member of the renegade Star Wolf squad during the Lylat Wars who were at the time, employed by the powerful dictator Andross. Seeking the approval of his uncle, Andrew fought mercilessly against the Cornerian Army alongside his comrades but was eventually defeated at the hands of Star Fox. Humiliated, he faced the disapproval of Andross as well as removal from the Venomian Army as a soldier.

When the war ended, Andrew disbanded from Star Wolf to take over his uncle’s position as emperor. During the course of over eight years, Andrew, referring to himself at the time as Oikonny, used his power to form an alliance of ex-soldiers of the Venomian Army to plan an invasion on the Lylat system once again. Most of his army’s allegiances were in fact towards their salary instead of the actual cause, resulting in much power struggle and disorganization.

Battle in FortunaEdit

Lush Fortuna

The jungles of Fortuna.

Cornerian intelligence suggested suspicious activity on the outskirts of Fortuna, and that as a precaution they investigated. Awaiting their arrival, Oikonny's Rebel Army ambushed the Cornerian fleet and started a battle. Heavy damage was brought upon the Cornerians as the rebels dispatched their stealth squadron. The timely arrival of the Star Fox team saved the Cornerian fleet from defeat as they pummeled their way through the opposing forces. Oikonny, displeased with his army’s efforts, retreated in his flagship to the planet Fortuna in an attempt to face Star Fox in its jungles. The battle in space raged on as Fox McCloud chased after Oikonny through his main base on the planet, where his forces were annihilated.

The flagship is mercilessly shot down by surprise, at this point in the game, the Aparoid Invasion had begun.

Much of the base was destroyed by Star Fox until Oikonny was cornered. In a final attempt to fight them off, Oikonny transformed his flagship into a gargantuan head with a pair of hands resembling him. It was heavily inspired by the physical appearance of Andross during both the Lylat Wars and Saurian Crisis. He fought Star Fox until a creature known as an Aparoid homed in on him and destroyed his machine, marking the first time one was encountered in around seventeen years.


Fortuna Aparoid

The Aparoid responsible for destroying Oikonny.

The remnants of Oikonny's army were hunted down and eradicated, ending the rebellion. Oikonny was assumed to have been killed during the battle, but had actually survived and took refuge on Venom with the Anglars (as shown in Star Fox Command). The Cornerian Army’s victory over the rebels was short lived, as the Aparoid Invasion became a new threat.


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