The Bee Fighter II is an upgraded version of the Bee Fighter used by the Anglar Army during the Anglar Blitz.

In Star Fox Command

The Bee Fighter II is only encountered in Sector X, Sector Y and Sector Z, and only one appears in each sector. The Bee Fighter II does not resemble its immediate predecessor, the Bee Fighter. It is instead based on the Killer Bee bioweapon found on Titania. The Bee Fighter II can turn invisible at will, though it can still be tracked by the high-pitched noise it makes, or by using the touch-screen radar. The Bee Fighter II attacks by shooting laser blasts from the weapon built into its abdomen. Unlike the Killer Bee, however, the Bee Fighter II can be damaged by shooting at any part of it. The Bee Fighter II is found guarding an Anglar Mothership in Sector Y and Sector Z. When destroyed, the Bee Fighter II will drop a Core.

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