Physical appearance

Beltino, being the father of Slippy and presumably brothers with Grippy Toad, greatly resembles his son and brother in similar manners as Fox and James McCloud. However, Beltino's skin is a darker green than Slippy and he wears glasses like Peppy Hare due to their age. He dresses in similar styles to Peppy, but with a loose green, hexagon buckled necktie. His attire is remarkably identical to Peppy's wardrobe he wore during the Plight of Sauria. Beltino wears advanced comm link wrist pads like other Cornerians, a common peice of equipment held by them. He wears glasses like all the fathers of Star Fox members, except for Falco and Krystal, whose parents have not yet been identified by Nintendo.


SFA Self-Destruct Beltino Slippy

Beltino explains his apoptosis theory with his self-destruct program idea.

Beltino appears to have a good knowledge of science and technology from which his son Slippy learned alot from him, and perhaps equal to even Andross. It was Beltino's brilliant scientific mind that helped in the production of several key components in the Star Fox arsenal, as well as the anti-Aparoid bomb that destroyed the Aparoid race. Although his age has not been specified, Beltino also wears a moustache which indicates his senior age, meaning he could be classified as the same ages as James, Peppy and Pepper or even Andross. It is unknown if he grew up with those characters, for he has not yet interacted with them in any of his appearances, yet in Star Fox Command, he is clearly aware of Andross's great scientific mind and his creations.


Beltino Toad was voiced by Hirohiko Kakegawa, and his English voice actor was Scott Burns. The latter also voiced him in a similar manner to Dr. Nick from The Simpsons


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