The roles held by Beltino Toad in the games.


Star Fox 64

Beltino himself did not actually appear in Star Fox 64, yet his existence in the Star Fox series is hinted by promotional materials such as the Nintendo Power guide, making him a notable character to appear before his actual gaming debut.

Strategy Guide description

Slippy's father, Beltino Toad, is Director of Engineering at Arspace Dynamics, and together they have adapted the Arwing's components for use in an aquatic vehicle. The impressive result is the Blue-Marine attack sub. The Blue-Marine has not yet been approved for mass production, but while there is only the one prototype in existence, it will be made available for your use in the coming battle.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 15

Star Fox Assault

Beltino Toad Assault Ending

Beltino Toad during the roll call screen.

Beltino first appears as the Cornerian Defense Force's research director to brief the Star Fox team after they recovered the first Aparoid Core memory. After telling a terrible tale involving a single Aparoid's massacre of an entire Cornerian fleet seventeen years ago, Beltino assures the team that his federation scientists are studying the collected Core memory, but that they could understand more if they had a complete, undamaged specimen.

After the Star Fox team recovered a stolen Core memory from Pigma Dengar, the core was sent to the research labs while the team were dealing with Aparoids on Sauria.

Beltino apparently assumed command of Corneria's defense force following the injury of General Pepper and the destruction of Corneria's cities, while he informs Star Fox after their mission on Corneria that his team of scientists discovered the Aparoid Homeworld's location then advised the Star Fox team to defend the Orbital Gate until the Self-Destruct program that involved Apoptosis was completed. Above the annihilated Corneria, on the Orbital Gate, the Star Fox Team held off the attacking Aparoids and missiles while work finished on the program. Beltino then created a warp gate for the remaining Cornerian fleet to target the Aparoid Homeworld, with the Great Fox as their flagship and entrusted everything to them before he pleaded that they do their best but try to come back alive.

Strategy Guide description

Slippy's father, Beltino, plays a vital role during the war against the Aparoids -he analyses the nature of the creatures and attempts to find a method of dealing with their relentless aggression.
—Star Fox: Assault; Nintendo Power Strategy Guide pg 6

Star Fox Command


Beltino's cutscene sprite.

Beltino reappears again during the events of Star Fox Command, this time addressed by Fox as Commissioner Beltino Toad. He appears within various paths of the gameplay which concern the terraformer device created by Andross. When arriving at the Asteroid Station, Beltino gives the Arwing II an upgrade, then prompts Fox to as his leader role was to bring out the best in his "WHOLE" team.


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