Just like old times, eh, Fox?
—Bill Grey

Bill Grey is a childhood schoolmate of Fox, Falco and Slippy's, ace pilot and a commander of the Husky and Bulldog squadrons in the Cornerian Army that serves on Katina.


Early Life

In his childhood, he was good friends with Fox McCloud, who convinced him to join the Cornerian Flight Academy with him some years ago. When Fox left the Academy to avenge his father's death at the hands of Andross, Bill went on to become an ace pilot and was given command of both the Husky and Bulldog squadrons. Fox knew that Bill would join Star Fox if he was asked to, but didn't want to pull Bill into his troubles. 

Lylat Wars

Because the Bulldog and Husky squadrons were overrun on the Katina Frontline Base, Bill informed Corneria command of the situation, as well as the coming of a detected mother ship on it's way to the planet, therefore General Pepper asked Star Fox to help them out. Just before Star Fox arrived, Bill told the various fighters to hang in there as help was on the way. Fox was enthusiastic to see Bill after so long, even Bill too was thrilled about their reunion as well as passing compliments back, Bill reminded him that they could catch up later. Bill ordered the Huskys to cover the base, while the Bulldog unit was ordered by him to hold the Invader II's back and not let them through. Because the mission was accomplished on Katina, Bill was keen to return the favor by helping with opening the warp gates in Sector X, and help with fighting Gores on Solar.

Bill reappeared later after the defeat of Andross, flying above Fox and Peppy Hare's Arwings as they left Venom's orbit. 

Anglar Blitz

Bill returned nine years after the Lylat Wars to help defend the Lylat System against the Anglar Blitz, whenever the Anglar Empire posed any threats towards Katina, piloting a customized Cornerian Fighter. He helped to defend Katina during the Lylat Wars and the Anglar Blitz. Bill also knew Falco and Slippy and was equally friendly with them as they came to his aid on Katina when Fox was out. Bill also told them about a certain new killer pilot in the Cornerian Air Force who had an icy heart, whom Slippy recognized but didn't want to believe to be Krystal. Bill confessed that he don't know the details between her and Fox but guessed she was in shock from it and started dating someone else, who was on the Star Wolf team. Bill said goodbye to Falco and Slippy and told them to tell Fox to say Hi for him.

Star Fox Zero

Bill returns as the commander of the Husky and Bulldog squadrons and fights alongside Star Fox in Sector β, where they, alongside General Pepper and his forces, combat the Granby and its retinue, led by the Area 6 Commander. Bill focuses primarily on taking out Venomian fighters while Fox destroys the cruisers and finds an opening in the Granby's energy shield. After doing so, and following the dreadnought tactical destroyer's decimation thanks to Pepper's flagship, Bill expresses his thanks. Katt then arrives to deliver a medal to Fox as gratitude for her earlier rescue from Zoness, though not long after, Pigma, Leon, and Andrew of Star Wolf arrive on the scene, with Wolf following after a few minutes into the firefight. Remaining fighters render Bill unable to assist Star Fox against their rivals, though he does help to keep their numbers under control. Following Star Wolf's defeat, it is assumed that Bill, along with the other forces under General Pepper, stayed behind to clean up any remaining Venomian stragglers.

As in Star Fox 64/3D, Bill, this time along with Katt, accompanies Star Fox back to Corneria after the defeat of Andross.


  • The name of the character is a reference to General William Grey, from the 1996 blockbuster movie Independence Day. This coincides with the portrayal of the battle of Katina, as it resembles the Furball (A large-scale aerial conflict)/Mothership Assault Scene from Independence Day.
    • Bill's surname "Grey" uses the British spelling instead of the American version.
  • Since many elements from Star Fox 2 were carried over to Star Fox 64, it's largely speculated that Bill was created as an equivalent or a replacement for Fay.
  • He is the only playable character in Star Fox Command that appears in none of the endings, considering that James McCloud is somewhat referenced when Fox wears shades during his own fatherhood during the "Goodbye Fox" ending.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (ビル・グレイ, Biru Gurei)
Russian Билл Грэй


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