The Awesome Black Hole, or simply Black Hole, is a stage found in Star Fox on the SNES . The area is not on a direct route, just like Out of this Dimension. It is said to have been created by Andross's experiments and is the area where James McCloud, Fox's father, was last seen. The area has a waving background with shades of blue and purple, and infinitely loops. Along with this, a bunch of random debris, such as ships, float about. Warp Rings appear in the level, and flying through one will lead you to a certain level in the Lylat system. Unlike most normal areas, this stage only functions as a warp zone, as made famous in Super Mario Bros.

Reaching the Black Hole

To get to it, you must choose Level 1. In the level after Corneria, Asteroid Belt, the player will eventually come across gray asteroids rotating around a red one. The player will see three of these. Blasting the center reddish-orange asteroids as close as possible on each one without hitting it will make an asteroid with a smiling face appear to the left. Shooting the asteroid will open a warp, and flying through it will send Star Fox to the Black Hole.

Warps of the Black Hole

Warp 1: First warp you come by. Flying through it leads you to Sector Y.

Warp 2: Second warp you come by. Flying through it leads you to Sector Z.

Warp 3: Last warp you come by. Flying through it will lead you straight to Venom.

Missing all 3 Warp Rings will simply make the level loop.


  • This stage, along with Out of This Dimension, is not on a direct route.
  • Along with Out of this Dimension, a different track plays instead of the normal one when approaching this stage.
  • The enemies that appear in this level are actually pieces of some mechanisms encountered in the game. There's the cannon from the Attack Carrier, Phantron's first form, half of the Metal Smasher, the head of the Great Commander, and assorted Cornerian fighters.
  • Although Black Hole does not reappear in any other games in the series, James McCloud's unwitting role in the Black Hole's creation was later given a call-back in Star Fox Zero: In the final level, when General Pepper explains himself to Fox and the teleportation technology's connection to both the Cornerian forces, Andross, and the overall war, Pepper implies that James McCloud had been instrumental in sealing Andross and Venom away into a pocket dimension, presumably in the scouting mission mentioned in the prologue where Pigma lured the Star Fox team into a trap.

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