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The Blue GrubTub Fungus.

—Prince Tricky

The Blue GrubTub Fungi are one of the Main Collectibles in Star Fox Adventures. Though the EarthWalker's favorite food, they are usually too hard for them to catch.


In appearance, they are large, blue mushrooms.

P.D.A Scanner Information



Blue GrubTub Fungus

A Blue GrubTub Fungus.

They are fed to Tricky, filling the Tricky Energy meter, so he is able to perform various Sidekick Commands, which for one deplete the Tricky Energy meter. If the meter runs empty, Tricky will not follow Fox McCloud's Commands, because of his hunger. GrubTubs are found all over the planet Sauria, and can also be bought in ThornTail Store, though for a very steep price, considering how easy the Fungi are to find. Fox has to stun the GrubTubs with a hit from Krystal's Staff before they can be collected, since they tend to hop around trying to avoid being captured. Fox can carry a maximum of 15 GrubTub Fungi at a time.

Other Info

  • Additionally, there is a much larger red variety, called Red GrubTub Fungus, which is toxic.


  • Like almost everything else on Sauria they fall asleep during the night. This makes catching them a breeze, though they still need to be whacked.
  • While the Blue GrubTub is considered the Earthwalker's favorite food, the Thorntails do not seem to think the same, preferring to eat green moss instead.
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