Bomb Spore Plant

Bomb Spore Plants are explosive plants found on the planet Sauria in Star Fox Adventures.


They are large, dark brown, pulsating buds, with a couple of green leaves coming out of the base. The bud constantly expels some sort of gas, and this gas is probably what causes the plant to explode.


Fox McCloud can detonate Bomb Spore Plants with the Fire Blaster to destroy things and yield Bomb Spores, which can only be planted in Bomb Spore Planting Patches in order to grow more of the plants. However, the ones planted by Fox do not produce spores. This is probably because the plants are too young to produce offspring, or because they have not been pollinated. Also, Bomb Spore Plants grown by Fox do not grow back after detonation, while all others regrow after about ten seconds.

P.D.A Scanner Information

BOMB PLANT - Shoot to break and collect the Spores

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