The Boost Gauge is located at the top right side of the screen in Star Fox 64.

Use the boost to get through!/Use the brake!
Peppy Hare

The Boost and Brake Gauge is a meter which monitors the speed and brake capabilities of an Arwing, LandmasterBlue Marine or Wolfen.


The gauge displays how much time and speed the player can perform a boost or brake while the gauge is full. The effect is greater the longer the button is held. If the gauge is empty or coloured red, no techniques will work, meaning the player will be vulnerable to enemies or obstacles while the gauge resets itself.

The Boost/Brake Gauge is used in a major role in Star Fox Command, this time it is responsible for the use of the Barrel Roll, which generates a magnetic field for the collection of items and Anglar hives. The chosen ship can perform continued Barrel Rolling with boosts or brakes until the gauge is empty. Different ships bear their own better or worse Boost/Brake Gauge which is used for strategic gameplay reasons.

Manual Descriptions

Booster Rockets Charge Meter

This meter shows how much energy is consumed by your booster rockets or Retro-rockets. Your boosters or retros will be available to use only when this meter is full. This meter will gradually refill after you have discharged your boosters or retros.
—Star Fox 1993; Instruction Booklet

Boost and Brakes

Press the left C Button to activate the booster and press bottom C to deploy the air brakes. The Boost Gauge in the upper right corner shows available booster and brake power. An all-blue bar means it's fully charged.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 11

Boost Gauge

The indication of energy consumed when using the boost and brake. While using them, the color gradually changes back to red. It will change back to blue if you stop using it. Until it returns to its original condition, you won't be ale to use boost or brake.
—Star Fox 64; Instruction Booklet

Boost Meter

Boosting, braking, doing a U-turn or doing a somersault will fill up the boost meter. These techniques cannot be used until the meter has emptied again.
—Star Fox 64 3D; Instruction Booklet

Boost Gauge

This goes down each time you brake, boost, loop or do a U-turn. The gauge fills up little by little as time passes.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet

Boost Gauge

The Boost Gauge will empty as you boost, brake, or roll. It will fill as time passes.
—Star Fox Command; Instruction Booklet


Double tap the Touch Screen: Double-tap and hold your stylus on the top portion of the Touch Screen to speed up. Double-tap and continue to hold your stylus on the bottom portion of the Touch Screen to brake. You will continue to boost or brake until you lift your stylus or your Boost gauge runs out.
—Star Fox Command; Instruction Booklet


The on-screen position of the Boost/Brake Gauge varies depending on the game as seen within the gallery below:

Other Info

  • The playable Arwing in the WarioWare: Smooth Moves boss microgame is not able to use a Boost or Brake. Meaning the player will be very vulnerable to obstacles.
  • Early development images of Star Fox 64 has revealed that the Boost/Brake guage was going to be presented like a standard vehicle's dashboard meter with a pointer. This was changed to a more simplistic line graph.


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