Copperheads appear in Star Fox 64, the 3DS release and Star Fox Zero as important mission focal points, always attacking the Great Fox.

Star Fox 64

After flying through the space junkyard of Sector Z for a short while, the cutscene triggers the arrival of three waves of Copperhead missiles. ROB will alert the arrival of each missile and their striking distance. As long as the six Copperhead missiles are shot down, the choice of flight path is permitted, but if even one hits Great Fox, the choice of routes will be cancelled and will be fixed on the Bolse satellite only.

Because the medal requirements are 100 Hit Points, the player will need to shoot down all six Copperheads to earn 66 hits and acquire the remaining 32 Hits from Invader III's and various space containers in the Sector. In addition, Fox's wingmates and Katt can assist in destroying the Copperheads with ease. This does actually increase the medal achievements difficulty, as is noted by game players, for the 10 point value of each missile will be denied from the score check, should Fox's allies shoot them down first.

  • If the chosen route to Sector Z included warping in from Sector X instead of Zoness, Katt won't know where Star Fox had gone to, therefore she won't appear at all.

Enemy Recon

These powerful space cruise missiles are the product of Andross's war machine on the manufacturing planet, Macbeth. You won't see them on radar until they drop out of warp, but ROB will alert you as soon as they enter sensor range. Expect them to be accompanied by flights of Invader III heavy fighters.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 97


Copperhead space cruise missiles are heavily ray-sheilded, so unless you have hyper lasers, it will take several shots to bring each one down. The first missile will approach on its own, followed a minute or two later by a pair and then a triplet of missiles. ROB 64 will call out the distance between the missile and Great Fox as they make their final approach.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 99


The Copperhead is designed to penetrate the outer skin of a ship, using its rotating warhead to burrow un and then explode.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 99

Medal Tips

Try to destroy the first wave of fighters before the first missile arrives. Once the second wave of missiles appears, you'll have to concentrate on the missiles. Throughout this fight, you'll have your hands full fending off the missiles and keeping your wingmen alive. The mission will end as soon as a missile hits Great Fox, so you've got to concentrate on that threat once they appear. This is one of the most challenging medals to win.
—Star Fox


Destroy all six missiles to proceed on to Area 6.
—Star Fox

If the player is instead on Macbeth, one of the cars that Fox finds and destroys is a Liquid Fuel Carrier car that is carrying a Copperhead missile. As the Train was heading for a supply depot, this may imply that it was delivering the missiles to be launched. In addition, the Macbeth Weapons Factory was the main launching point for the interplanetary cruise missiles Andross had been using to assault Corneria.

Star Fox Zero

When the Star Fox team arrives at Sector Gamma, they are tasked with destroying three Copperhead missiles before they can enter a nearby teleporter. The missiles now sport weapons modules in order to give them a form of defense, but these modules also serve as the missiles' weak points. Each missile has three "stages": at first, they will fire homing rockets at the Arwings when they get near. The second stage deploys a pair of rotating laser beams, and the third stage simply accelerates at high speed towards the teleporter. Finally, the missiles explode when destroyed, and will deal heavy damage to Fox if he is caught in the blast.

When one Copperhead missile is destroyed, one of the remaining missiles will fire smaller missiles, fired from its rear end, targeting the Great Fox to complicate matters further; if these are not shot down before they get near the Great Fox, the Chitori Drone swarms they disperse will deal constant damage to the Great Fox until the drones are dealt with.

If the player fails to destroy a Copperhead Missile before it reaches the wormhole, the Great Fox will deliberately fly into its path in a last ditch effort to prevent it from being sent through, getting damaged in a similar manner to in Star Fox 64 in Sector Z.


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