Corneria Defense Force
Infected Cornerian Soldier
Biographical Information

General Pepper (Commander in Chief)
Peppy Hare (Acting Commander)


Beltino Toad (Research Director)
Dog Soldiers

Historical properties


Established Bases

Corneria City


Cornerian Fighter
General Pepper's flagship
Cornerian fleet

Chronological and political information

Star Fox
Cornerian Army
Space Dynamics
Cornerian Academy
Andross (formerly)
Star Wolf (temporary)


Star Fox 64/3D
Star Fox: Assault

The Corneria Defense Force was the primary air defense force privately owned by Corneria, and also the smallest branch of military. The CDF mostly act as national guard and local police forces. The Corneria Defense Force is the only Cornerian military branch that incorporates land, air, and maritime elements. This combination of military branches gives the Corneria Defense Force the flexibility it needs in order to defend Corneria. However, it lacks a tank force.


During the Aparoid Invasion, the majority of the CDF was decimated, leaving only untried cadets with no live-fire combat training to defend Corneria. Aparoid Infection caused several victimised Dog Soldiers to attack their former comrades. Thanks to the timely arrival of the Star Fox team, however, the planet was reclaimed and the orbital gate was successfully defended.

Known Members



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