Daniel "Dan" Owsen is the Localization Manager at Nintendo of America and has provided English support for its titles since the late '80s. As its liasion, he had the opportunity to record lines for the original Star Fox (as well as Super Metroid) during trips to Japan and, as such, is the voice of the "Emergency" announcer at the start of the first level as well as both Fox McCloud and General Pepper. In light of his position, Owsen has had the opportunity to return to the Star Fox series as the omniscient "Good Luck" voice heard since Star Fox 64 - a clip reused in the series that's still heard today. Additionally, his original Star Fox audio has been reused in Super Mario Maker.


Game Voice actor
Star Fox Fox McCloudGeneral Pepper, "Emergency" Announcer
Star Fox 64 "Good Luck" voice
Star Fox 64 3D "Good Luck" voice
Super Mario Maker Fox McCloud, General Pepper
Star Fox Zero "Good Luck" voice

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