Cornerian forces here! Permission to join the fray, sir?
—Dash Bowman

Dash Bowman is a young pilot for the Cornerian Army, as well as the grandson of Andross and second cousin of Andrew Oikonny. He pilots the customised Monkey Arrow, a starfighter which resembles the Arwing, presumably due to Dash's fandom of Star Fox.


Following his grandfather's footsteps

In an alternate ending of Star Fox Command, Dash stays behind on Venom to finish what his grandfather initially started. In the years that followed, Venom matches Corneria in almost every way. In time, Dash states Venom has replaced Corneria as the center of political power in the Lylat system. In months, a small conflict turns to war.

Pinnacle of the new world

In another alternate ending of Star Fox Command, Dash converted Venom into a peaceful planet. Intending to build a new world with himself in charge.

Star Falco member

In another alternate ending, he decides to join Falco and Katt to create the rival mercenary organization Star Falco, although his reasons are unknown. Because he appeared to be piloting a Sky Claw, it can be assumed that Dash had scrapped his Monkey Arrow.


Despite what his youthful appearance might imply, Dash is a polite, professional young pilot and he thought very highly of Fox and Falco, and wished to join the Star Fox Team. Despite his age and appearence, he is a very skilled pilot. As the grandson of Andross, he thought highly of his intellect and acknowledges his death and original good intentions. This didn't stop him from being a fan of Fox or having negative emotion of him, considering that Fox eventually defeated his grandfather since he knew that Andross had apparently executed Fox's father, James McCloud. Because of his youth, small size and relation to Andross, Dash was unfortunately subject to ridicule during his meeting with Star Fox on Titania, initially rejected heavily by Falco such asking what he wanted from them such as: "A big lollipop? Some crayons?".



  • Selecting Dash to fight the Bioweapon bosses on Titania will cause the "Ghost of Andross" to order the bioweapon to stop attacking his grandson. Upon the boss's destruction, Andross will express pride in Dash, deeming him worthy of carrying on his legacy. 
  • In the near-final version of Star Fox 2, a similar lemur-like character known as Algy (アルジーさま, Algy-sama as he arrogantly calls himself) represented the Star Wolf team on higher difficulties. In the common English fan-translation, the name was changed to Andrew to be more traditional, although he had a closer resemblance to Dash Bowman. Either way, it is an unconfirmed appearance and should be considered a separate character.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (アッシュ・ボウマン, Ash Bowman)


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