Dogs and other related Canines seem to be one of the most present races in the Lylat System, with their homeworlds based on Corneria and Katina, although there is no real dominating population. Most of the Cornerian Military is constitued by dog, as seen by their most important members.

Main dog characters

  • General Pepper, a Hound Dog, leader of the Cornerian Army during the Lylat Wars and until the Aparoid Invasion.
  • Bill Grey, a Bulldog, was commander of the Husky and Bulldog units against the Saucerer on Katina during the Lylat Wars.
  • Dog Soldiers are the majority of members in the Cornerian Military. Many Dog Soldiers were present during the Lylat Wars and the aftermath. They were again most prominent at the battle against the Aparoids, defending the Beltino Orbital Gate.
  • Fay, a Spaniel, who makes an appearance in Star Fox 2.
  • Captain Shears, a Hound who resembles General Peppers original SNES design. At first he was a high ranking officer of the Cornerian Army, he turned out to be a follower of Andross, attempting to revive the fallen emperor. After losing a duel with Fox, Shears nearly escapes, but is presumably crushed by the giant Andross clone he had created.

Other Canines


  • The reason why the Cornerians were generally depicted as dogs while the Venomians were primarily depicted as monkeys is due to cultural elements in Japan, the country the Star Fox series originated in: In Japan, Monkeys and Dogs were considered to be mortal enemies. This was made more explicit in Star Fox Zero, where Andross made various racist slurs against the Cornerians and General Pepper specifically due to the latter being composed of dogs.
  • Ironically considering who the Cornerians were composed of, one of the next-generation starfighters the Venomians had in Sector X was named Canine.


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