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Dumbledang Tree

A Dumbledang Tree.

Dumbledang Trees are very palm-like trees growing on planet Sauria in Star Fox Adventures.


They grow purple flowers among their large leaves. In a short time the flowers become Dumbledang Pods, which Fox McCloud can use as recovery items. Fox can make the Pods fall by whacking the Trees with the Krystal's Staff. The only Trees shown in-game grow in ThornTail Hollow.


  • This is a little known fact, but one actually does grow in Cape Claw. The only thing is, the fruit is not visible. If you keep going down the hill when you first enter and around the curve, look for the tallest tree with the thickest trunk. It's directly across from the large stone pillar you'll see on the right. Hit it with the Staff and jump down to waters directly below it. There will be a Dumbledang Pod floating there.
    • The ThornTail Store sells the fruits when they can be knocked out of the tree and eaten for free. This makes buying them a fool's errand.
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