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Fara Phoenix is a character from the 1992 Star Fox comics, created by Benimaru Itoh, featured in Nintendo Power. In the comic, Fara was Fox McCloud's love interest and chief test pilot for the Cornerian Army. She also bears a resemblance to Fox's mother, Vixy Reinard.


Fara is the daughter of the Spaceship Magnate. She had been flying since she was a kit and for those reasons she was assigned as a chief test pilot for the new Arwings. On a trip from Papetoon to Corneria she was abducted by Imperial Lizards. Fortunately Fox McCloud and his friends were stowaways hiding in the cargo hold and foiled their plans. To thank them, father Phoenix offered them first-class tickets for the remainder of the journey.

She first flew with the Star Fox Team in a black Arwing, surprising Fox and taunting him, daring him to enter Imperial space and see some fireworks. Moving against the Attack Carrier however, Fara's Arwing was shot by an ion missilie. Fara ejected and collected by Fox, who finished the Carrier with a Nova Bomb, once more saving her life. It's possible that the loss of her prototype starfighter excluded her from the Star Fox team, and for the remainder of the campaign she stayed with General Pepper on Corneria, when she witnessed a telekinetic message from Andross threatening Pepper.

Shortly afterward, Fara supported Fox's mad plan to fly through the Black Hole to reach Venom's back door. After rescuing Fox from solitary where his friends put him in, and also stole an Arwing following him to the Black Hole. She followed Fox out of it (who was following an apparition of his father, and engaged Venom's forces in a space battle.

After the defeat of Andross, Fox and Fara spent time together on Corneria. Eventually she got a new Arwing fighter (with new hyper boosters) and joined the team to investigate Sector Y. They stopped on Titania and while Slippy Toad was performing a systems check on Fara's Arwing, he was assaulted and both he and Arwing were abducted. Fara obviously used Slippy's Arwing to Sector Y and then to Fortuna where the team battled Monarch Dodora.

After Andross's second defeat, Fara joined the team on their return to Papetoon. There he offered her a dress of his late later mother, which accentuated her reseblance to her. When Andross's clones invaded Papetoon, the sight of Fara made one of the clones to think she was Vixy and ordered the attack to stop and started apologizing for her previous death; this alone caused a debate between the two clones, as the other clone did not share the same feelings, leaving ample time for Fox to enter and destroy the core base.


In the comics, her personality seems caring and loyal, always ready for a new mission. She obviously had a bond with Fox, always stuck with him, and cheered him on when a mission was completed. She is a remarkable pilot, although she is slightly cocky when it comes to flying.


  • In the game continuity, Krystal eventually filled her role as Fox's love interest, although she appears to have been planned for Star Fox 2 at some point.
Fara Starfox 2

The ill-fated "Lady" (1993~1994 tech demo).

  • Fara Phoenix also appears as "Lady" in one of the four known prototypes of Star Fox 2 game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but--along with "Saru"--was removed by the near-final version.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (ファラ・フェニックス Fara Fenikkusu)

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