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The Frost Weeds are produced by an unnamed tree in SnowHorn Wastes in Star Fox Adventures.


Fox takes a Frost Weed to the trapped Garunda Te.


After using the SharpClaw Prison Key in SnowHorn Wastes, Fox McCloud has to free Garunda Te, the SpellStone GateKeeper of the DarkIce Mines, from what he calls "an infernal cave", to which the SharpClaw imprisoned him in, by feeding him three Frost Weeds. Garunda Te tells Fox that he needs the Frost Weeds to strengthen him so he can get himself out. After telling Fox this, some SharpClaws show up. Luckily, the Frost Weeds grow in a tree not far from Garunda Te's prison. Fox has to whack the tree and distract the SharpClaws, while giving Tricky the Find Command to make him find and feed the Frost Weeds to Garunda Te. After eating three, Garunda Te breaks free and tells Fox and Tricky that he is a GateKeeper and how General Scales got the SpellStone into his possession.

He then opens the gate to DarkIce Mines.


  • The tree producing Frost Weeds is not named in the game, but based on the game's general naming system, they could simply be "Frost Weed Trees".
  • The Frost Weeds can be destroyed with Krystal's Staff for no gain.
  • The Frost Weeds aren't the only thing that gives SnowHorns strength. The Alpine Roots are also fed to SnowHorns for the same purpose.

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