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Fuel Barrels are a type of explosive canister in Star Fox Adventures. They can be used to open up cracked walls and to damage enemies. They are generated by Fuel Barrel Generators, which were left all around planet Sauria by General Scales, who used the fuel to power up his SharpClaw army. The Barrels explode when subjected to heavy impact and also blow up when they come in contact with fire.


In appearance, they are grey metal cylinders, that have a diameter of about 12 - 16 inches (30-40 centimeters), and a height of about 20 - 24 inches (50-60 centimeters). The Barrels' sides are also heavily waved. They are apparently made of some ferromagnetic material (such as iron, nickel or cobalt) since they are seen to be moved around with magnets. Some Barrels even have automatic set timers with flashing red lights (such as the one in the below photo, in order to increase gameplay difficulty) and will begin their countdown as soon as they are picked up.

P.D.A Scanner Informations

FUEL BARREL - Throw for explosive fun

SHARPCLAW BARREL - Can only be picked up by SharpClaw


The explosive power is very powerful, strong enough to dispatch a fallen RedEye, whom even Krystal's Staff had trouble to scratch. The Barrels are first used by Krystal as her sole offensive attack during her mission at Krazoa Palace and to dislodge hallways blocked by crates. Fox McCloud will use Fuel Barrels in the same way during his expedition on Sauria, also to exterminate the RedEye tribe and their King. It can also even be used as a weight for switches in places where Tricky cannot go.

Fuel Barrels with the SharpClaw symbol on the front cannot be picked up by Fox unless he is wearing his SharpClaw Disguise.


Other Info

  • Should Fox or Krystal take damage from enemies like Bloops and Brain Squids when they carry a Fuel Barrel, they will automatically throw it in a wild directions, proving frustrating for players especially during the long distance journeys.


  • Star Fox Adventures
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