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Star Fox Command

The G-Zero Grand Prix (G-ZEROグランプリ, Jī Zero Garan Puri) is a racing event popular across a countless number of planetary systems.


Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi entered it after they retired as pilots in one of Star Fox Command's endings. In The Curse of Pigma ending, Fox feels usurped by Star Wolf, who stole the Star Fox name as galactic saviours and Krystal has now abandoned them. Fox fled to Papetoon with Falco to drown out his grief, where it started to consume him, barely eating or sleeping. To cheer up his friend, Falco eventually comes up with a brain storm to leave the business of mercenaries for hire behind and become racers. They modified their Arwings into racing machines for the occasion and they were successful in that business. As they made victory after victory, Fox and Falco gradually forgot about their lives as members of Star Fox.
Star Fox Command walkthrough Part 38 - Pigma Boss Battle Credits-007:52

Star Fox Command walkthrough Part 38 - Pigma Boss Battle Credits-0



  • This name is a clear reference to F-Zero, another Nintendo franchise. Furthermore the F-Zero franchise contains a human character named James McCloud, who looks similar to Fox's similarly named father and owns a vehicle similar to the Arwing.
    • G-Zero was also the working title used for the unreleased Virtual Boy racing game Zero Racers.
  • The Grand Prix is likely somewhere near or on Corneria, considering that the planet appears in the background of the top picture.
  • The G-Zero Grand Prix is mentioned in the DSi game, X-Scape. Like Star Fox Command, that game was also developed by Q-Games.


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