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Galdon is the big, monstrous, insect-like dinosaur boss of DarkIce Mines in Star Fox Adventures.

In the game

Galdon about to swallow fox

Galdon approaches Fox

When entering the chamber via a Warp Gate, Galdon is frozen sold in the far corner with the SnowHorn SpellStone in his grasp. The arena contains a trio of SharpClaw Crates with Dumbledang Pods and PukPuk Eggs, Magic Plants and Blue GrubTub Fungus which regenerate as time passes so that the Staff Energy Gem, Shield Gauge and Tricky Energy meters can be replenished.

Once Fox gives Tricky his Flame Command to thaw the creature out, this triggers the cutscene where Galdon will awaken to swallow the SpellStone and attack Fox, spitting green fireballs. Galdon's weak spot is his glowing red backside, exposed when it roars and bends down, allowing better chances of attacks from either the Fire Blaster or Staff strike. Using Tricky's Stay Command will cause Galdon to focus on him and allow Fox to get behind the creature.

Once attacks are made on it's tail, Galdon becomes enraged and will swallow Fox to drop into it's guts where the SpellStone landed and hangs in a membrane. Small debris which resembles energy crystals will damage Fox upon contact, therefore staying clear is advisable, o concentrate on attacking the membrane by Fire Blasts or Staff Strikes until the cutscene is trigger where Galdon spits Fox back to enable the second phase.

Galdons internal wounds make it more aggressive and will spit fireballs more rapidly, but changes the weak point to its heart, which can be targeted after Galdon stops covering its chest with its massive claws in oder to raise up and attack.

The triggered cutscene will take Fox back into Galdon's guts for a second opportunity to release the SpellStone from the membrane. This phase will be repeated until the final heart is lost and Galdon breathes its last.


  • If Fox doesn't hit the membrane the first time he is swallowed, one can hear multiple heartbeats. If Galdon's heart beats enough times, the cutscene when Galdon spits out Fox and Fox finding the weak point in the chest will play, but the stinger remains the weak point still.
  • After being swallowed by Galdon for the final time, he hurls Fox and, oddly, Tricky out of his mouth too. This is curious, because Tricky was never shown swallowed in the first place.

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