A GateKeeper is a dinosaur who guards one of the five Gateways in Star Fox Adventures. Fox McCloud encounters them on his expedition to Dinosaur Planet. They all fall under the wrath of General Scales and his SharpClaw army during the Plight of Sauria in their conquest of the planet, forcing them all to open their own lands for him.

The five GateKeepers are:

  1. Garunda Te
  2. The Queen CloudRunner
  3. The King EarthWalker (his power is kept in Portal Door behind Queen EarthWalker)
  4. The Quiet ThornTail
  5. Andross (supposedly as Fox's Arwing followed his guise as the Krazoa God into a Gateway) 

The GateKeepers may pass on their ability to open Gateways to their lineage, as Belina Te was able to open the gateway and the Quiet ThornTail opened his gateway with the rest of his tribe joining in. The fact that Andross is very skilled in space warp science is a likely case for him being able to create a Gateway.


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