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It is my duty as a GateKeeper to guard the land from which a SpellStone is forged. General Scales took the SpellStone, and discovered that I was a GateKeeper. He gave me an ultimatum. Allow him to take the SpellStone back into the sacred land, or he would destroy my tribe. I could not risk the safety of the entire planet, so I refused to help. My daughter did not think this way. And so to save the tribe, she opened the gateway herself. Scales did not destroy my tribe, he enslaved them instead. My daughter dishonoured me. You must search for the SpellStone within DarkIce Mines and return it, to the Volcano Force Point Temple. Only then, will the SpellStone's power return. I will open the gateway.
—Garunda Te

The silent ThornTail opens his gateway for Fox, so he can travel to Dragon Rock.

The Gateways were five portals that opened only when a GateKeeper opened them. Fox McCloud was able to travel to the four sacred SpellStone lands on Dinosaur Planet after meeting with the GateKeepers or finding the power portion. GateKeepers open the Gateways by pointing to the sky and releasing a stream of purple/white energy which creates a spirallling vortex which the Arwing must fly into to reach other destinations.

Known Gateways

  1. DarkIce Mines: General Scales held the SnowHorn tribe hostage and threatned to slaughter them unless the GateKeeper Garunda Te would open the Gateway for him, so his daughter Belina Te was shown to be capable of opening the portal herself in order to save their tribe.
  2. CloudRunner Fortress: The Queen CloudRunner was able to open her Gateway while in flight.
  3. Walled City: It appeared that when General Scales came to take the King EarthWalker prisioner, the king knew the SharpClaw were coming for him and he was able to leave a portion of his powers with the Queen EarthWalker behind a Portal Door that could only be opened by Krystal's Staff.
  4. Dragon Rock: The quiet ThornTail was accompanied by other members of his tribe when opening this portal.
  5. Dinosaur Planet's orbit: Where the Arwing was able to travel between the four SpellStone lands and return to Dinosaur Planet. The Arwing followed the Krazoa God into a Gateway which led back into space, who was later revealed to be Andross.

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