The characteristics of General Scales as seen in the game Star Fox Adventures.

Physical appearance

Scales Threatens the Queen of the Clouds

General Scales holding the Queen.

Out of all of the Star Fox characters that reach a humanoid size, Scales is the overall largest and tallest. He is considerably strong when it comes to physical strength, demonstrating an ability to pick up a SharpClaw warrior to chest height with ease using one arm when fired on by Fox in one of the treasure rooms of the CloudRunner Fortress. Immediately afterward, he threw the warrior at Fox. Although he missed, the unfortunate SharpClaw was thrown several yards. (General Scales demonstrated his ability to lift roughly humanoid-sized beings with little difficulty on two other ocassions, specifically when lifting Krystal by the neck aboard the SharpClaw galleon and effortlessly throwing her overboard and when doing the same to the CloudRunner Queen as part of his attempted interrogation.)

Abilities And Traits

Wallpaperscales 1024 jpg 685

Fear.Is.Good. A promotional poster starring General Scales and his ideals.

Like Fox and Krystal, Scales can use his body as a container for Krazoa spirits. Strangely, it is said that Krazoa spirits can only be obtained by those who are pure of heart, implying that he somehow forced the spirit inside himself. Scales was equipped with a belt that caused him to disappear when activated; the exact method for this, either by invisibility or teleportation, is unknown, but Prima's official strategy guide supports that it is indeed teleportation. He also appears to have a strong resistance to fire, as in his first appearance, he emerged unscathed and apparently unconcerned from a blazing compartment on the SharpClaw Galleon. Although it hasn't actually been seen in the game, it could be implied that Scales has the lizard-like ability to climb walls, as shown when Fox was getting ready to have a final battle with him when he almost landed on Fox from the ceiling (Not seen at first possibly due to his belt's camouflage). His weaponry includes a large, double-bladed hook attached to his left arm and a large, golden sword in his right hand. Scales wears antlers on his helmet (most likely to help increase intimidation).

Scales is seen as a power-hungry tyrant, who desired to rule all of Sauria and possibly even the Lylat System (heard from him in the deleted audio from Adventures). Scales was shown to be very fierce, ruthless, sadistic, evil, and cruel. He also had at least some awareness that he was very brutal towards the other dinosaurs of the planet, as when introducing himself to Krystal, he freely refers himself to being, among other things, the tyrant and dictator of Sauria, and also made clear he needs fear to keep the planet's inhabitants in line as otherwise he will experience revolts from the populace. He did not doubt himself, and was always confident in his plans. He also appeared to enjoy mocking his victims. He was also shown to have an ego, believing that only he is worthy to rule Sauria and showing an arrogant sense of entitlement. Scales was an individual who was mainly concerned with gaining power and would eliminate anyone he saw as competition. He was a very cruel leader, even to his own troops, as seen when he hit two of them furiously and almost destroyed one of his security robots because the ClouldRunner Queen wouldn't tell him where Fox was, and also used one of his soldiers as a living shield when Fox was blasting at him, and then threw the SharpClaw at him. Right before Scales released his Krazoa spirit, his fellow SharpClaw blocked themselves with their arms in fear, showing that Scales most likely doesn't tolerate failure from his troops or simply punishes them when angered. When confronted by Krystal for the first time, he laughs and tells her that he is not evil, and claims that he is only doing this for the planet's own good, although he quickly abandons this claiming and throws her off his ship, laughing maniacally afterwards. He also seems to have a very short temper, as evidenced by his aforementioned actions when the Cloudrunner Queen attempted to deny knowledge about Fox. He also appears to be very arrogant, claiming that "No one can defeat General Scales!". Through his brutal regime, he seems to mostly enslave his prisoners rather then kill them, since he can force them to work on different parts of the planet. Scales also believed that fear was beneficial to the denizens of Sauria.

It is also implied that most of his abilities and weaponry stemmed from either his unknowing servitude to Andross or from his gaining a Krazoa Spirit, as several dinosaurs including the Queen EarthWalker mention that he and the SharpClaw race weren't powerful beforehand. The former was further supported by the manual, where it questions, relating to Scales' power having dramatically increased recently, whether Scales was acting alone during the events of the crisis.


General Scales was voiced by John Silke. His voice appeared to be a mix of an Irish/Scottish and English accent.

Behind the scenes

  • The story behind General Scales' double-bladed hook replacing his left hand is a mystery. Little to nothing is known about how or when he got it. It is possible that it was placed into his design (and kept from his original design in the original game) to make him seem more intimidating.


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