The role of General Scales in the game Star Fox Adventures.

In the game

General Scales first appears in the game after Krystal boards his galleon and collects the Krazoa Palace Key. He appears later in a flash back of his ultimatum to the SnowHorn tribe, where he double crosses Belina Te by enslaving the tribe after she opens the gateway for him. Scales finally meets Fox at the CloudRunner Fortress where he interrogates the Queen CloudRunner concerning Fox's whereabouts, and takes Fox prisoner after his the Sentries restrain him. Fox later corners Scales in the treasure rooms to get the SpellStone but loses Scales after he uses a device on his belt to fade out and does not physically appear again until their last meeting.

General Scales appears in the Test of Fear in the form an enormous spectre, much larger than Scales really was compared to Fox. Scales draws closer to Fox and grabs hime before letting out an intimidating roar, ending the test.
Scales in the Test of Fear

Scales in the Test of Fear.

General Scales is only encountered in cutscenes and only makes one direct appearance in gameplay when he prepared himself to fight Fox McCloud in the Krazoa Palace during the Test of Scales, using some kind of sword. However, this was not to be, as Andross interrupted their fight and forced Scales to relinquish the final spirit to McCloud.

After viewing the cutscene, if the Staff is not drawn, Scales will simply wander around Fox and create the same sounds as his SharpClaw soldiers. Although his final fight never occurred because drawing the Staff will trigger the next cutscene, if the player has a Staff attack set to the Y button, they all will prove useless against Scales. Not even the Super Ground Quake would affect Scales; a Staff power that would affect a RedEye which is larger than Scales; therefore, this would have made him a much more formidable opponent than even a RedEye.

Manual description

Rejected as a ruling tribe, the twisted SharpClaw and their self-appointed leader Scales have amassed an army to over-power all. In recent times the General's power has dramatically increased. Is he in this alone?
—Instruction Manual

Behind the scenes

  • It was originally intended to have General Scales actually be fought against, and that Falco would have aided Fox in defeating Scales. However, for reasons unknown, it was cut.
  • In the original Dinosaur Planet, General Scales was to have been the one to have fallen overboard from the Galleon, after a lightning strike electrocuted him when he grabbed a CloudRunner's cage.
  • Contrary to popular belief, General Scales was never intended to be the final boss in any version of the game. During the N64 version's development, Drakor, of all characters, was intended to have a much bigger role and would have been the descendant of a race that violently opposed what the Krazoa represented. It is speculated from the revealed storyline that the true final boss may have still been a variant of the Krazoa God.
  • The story behind General Scales' double-bladed hook replacing his left hand is a mystery. Little to nothing is known about how or when he got it. It is possible that it was placed into his design (and kept from his original design in the original game) to make him seem more intimidating.
  • As the general fell, he stated "You will regret this," implying that he would return in a future title. However, since he is nowhere to be found, it is assumed that he has either died or has simply been knocked out and imprisoned by his fellow SharpClaw. Another explanation for his statement would be that he may have been warning Fox of Andross' return. However, because Scales did not know of his association with Andross, let alone could he see Andross, this is highly unlikely. He could also have been threatening Andross for forcing him to give up the Krazoa Spirit, this is also unlikely.


  • Despite being a central character and a major antagonist, Scales only gets about fifteen minutes on-screen, making just five appearances in total with eight lines in Dino Talk, spanning 70 words and 12 lines in English, spanning 94 words. He has a combined total of 164 words and 220 lines of dialogue.
  • It is currently unknown if General Scales is dead, as he was not seen in the final cutscene of Star Fox Adventures. In Star Fox Assault, Slippy says that the SharpClaw tribe got wiped out, so Scales may have been dead before or during the Aparoid Invasion.
  • It is unknown how General Scales managed to get a Krazoa Spirit, since it is said only a being with a pure heart can pass the test to be possessed by one. Of course, he could have simply been pure evil. There is also the possibility that this lone Spirit did not have a test to keep it safe from Scales' grasp.
  • The shadow of Scales appears on the box artwork of Star Fox Adventures, as if the artwork is taken from his own point of view. This is very likely, as he towers over every main character in that picture.


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