The Golemech as it appears in the games as a boss.


Golemech is a large ape-like construct with its weak interior protected by an outer shell of stone. The boss's name is a portmanteau of "golem", a living stone statue featured in many myths but originating in Judaism, and "mech", though "mech" usually refers to robotic vehicles that are operated by pilots instead of just robots like the Golemech.

Fighting Golemech

The Golemech immediately begins to flee when Fox McCloud approaches it because Andross had not yet completed it. However, what appears to be cowardice is soon revealed to be a cunning strategy as the boss leads him down a long stone hallway with little room to maneuver. In the hallway, the boss periodically slams the wall, ceiling, or floor to cause pillars of stone to come shooting out at Fox from whatever he slammed. Getting hit by a single pillar sticking out of the wall will cause the Arwing to go up and down, hitting more pillars. Luckily, this is its only tactic and the only other danger is the monkey statues, that swing their arms back and forth, that periodically appear along the walls.

Enemy Recon

Golemech's rocky armour provides a high degree of protection from lasers. Without hyper lasers, this battle could take some time. Destroy Golemech's body armour first, then for its head and then the exposed power cupeling on its back. Watch out for the pillars of rock that burst out of the walls and the falling columns.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 110.


Its head is four sided (not including the top) with four emotions: Joy, Boredom, Sadness, and Anger. When it's outer-wear is removed, the head will glow red and spin, indicating a 5th emotion, desperation.

Golemech's head is laser resistant at first. Once its body armour is destroyed, its head will turn red. Now hit it!
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 110.


Shooting the boss's body causes its stone armor to break apart, and reveals its soft core underneath.

Golemech's body armour is composed of several layers of rock. Charged lasers and bombs seem to have little effect on it.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 110.

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