The role of Granga's Mech in the games.


Granga's Mech is a giant, walking, robotic battle suit that walks on two, rickety legs, with twin missile launchers for "arms", a "head" shaped bridge, and a power supply shaped like a backpack. It has Andross's insignia painted on various sections, such as the chest.

Enemy Recon

Granga is actually the little ape who drives the huge bot boss at the end of Route 1. He thinks he's safe in the huge walker, but the bot is one of the most vulnerable targets in the game.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 33


Don't waste your shots by blasting this hard-headed boss anywhere in the cranial region.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 33


The arms fire off homing missiles, so destroying them can keep you safe.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 33


Concentrate your fire on the green panels on the Backpack. Approach slowly so you'll get more shots.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 33


Blast the legs out from under the bot so it won't be able to run around. It will be a sitting duck.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 33

In the game

In Star Fox 64, if the Attack Carrier is not spotted by Falco due to his absence or the seven stone arches are skipped, Granga will be Star Fox's opponent on Corneria, earning the player a simple "Mission Complete" rather than the more satisfactory "Mission Accomplished". Afterwards, the route will go straight to the Meteo Asteroid Field.

Methods of attack

Granga is perhaps the easiest of the bosses in Star Fox 64, serving as more of a tutorial to All-Range Mode. His mech is armed with a variety of weapons, but the only ones which can really harm you or your wingmen are his missiles, and even then only if you take an inordinately long time to defeat him. Destroying the arms on the mech will prevent Granga from firing missiles, but note that if you later shoot off his legs he will somehow regain his missile capability.

  • If the player manages to successfully somersault over and beneath Granga without colliding in the process, they will be rewarded with an extra life. Shooting off its weapons and head will also reward the player with Supply Rings or Smart Bombs.


Granga's weakness is the green rectangular power pack on his back. Depending on his movements it may be a little difficult to line up a good strafing run, but this can easily be solved by blowing off his legs and immobilizing him. Note that destroying the legs will allow him to fire missiles even if they were previously destroyed his arm launchers, but this shouldn't matter much, as once he's a sitting duck he can be finished off in a matter of seconds.

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