Granga Fighter is a class of starfighter, manufactured in the weapons labs on Macbeth and utilised by Andross' Empire during the Lylat Wars.


Granga Fighters are double finned, polygonal ships. They are very fast flying fighters, able to keep up the pace when tailing an Arwing, evident when tailing Falco's Arwing until his shield gauge depletes and forces him to retreat if he isn't rescued in time.

Enemy Recon

In the All-Range Mode when you face the boss, Granga, you'll also encounter these swift, highly mobile fighters. They follow your team members closely and can be a nuisance, but if you concentrate your attack on Granga and destroy him quickly, you'll never even notice these gnats.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 27


After the checkpoint, three Granga Fighters will chase Falco. Destroy these three ships, and then fly through all of the arches ahead. Falco will lead you to an alternate path through the mission which will take you to a different lieutenant, and to Sector Y.

In the games

Star Fox 64/3D

Granga Fighters are the first Venomian Starfighters faced by the Star Fox team on Corneria. They are fairly unremarkable enemies which are easily destroyed by a single laser hit, and formations of these can easily be wiped out with a charged laser blast. Granga fighters are also launched by the Attack Carrier, and later seen during the battles on Macbeth and Titania. Despite the description given in Nintendo's player guide, Granga fighters do not actually appear during the boss fight against Granga.

Star Fox Zero

Granga Fighters reappear in Star Fox Zero under the name: Dragon II.

In the manga

Granga Fighters appear in the Lylat Wars Comic, filling the similar roles held in the games.



  • It is impossible to reach Sector Y from Corneria if the three Granga Fighters chasing Falco were not shot down, as they will continue to chase him until he retreats, and his absence will cause the Attack Carrier to go unnoticed.


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