Ground Quake/Super Ground Quake
Starfoxadventures groundquake
Battle Information
Attack Power


Battle Effect

Knocks down Enemies
Knocks down and kills a toppled RedEye (SGQ only)

Purpose Description

Attack Enemies
Active Quake Pads

Magic Meter Depletion

Moderate to High

Chronological and Area Information

Moon Mountain Pass (GQ)
Walled City (SGQ)


Star Fox Adventures


Ground Quake is a Staff Upgrade move that makes a huge shockwave to defeat multiple enemies at once. Up on pressing the staff action, Fox will rise into the air and strike down hard with the key end of Krystal's Staff, generating an earth-shattering pulse that can both act as an attack and solve puzzles throughout Fox's journey on Sauria.


Ground Quake/Super Ground Quake

Ground Quake/Super Ground Quake

Detailed Report

Ground Quake-Unleash the energy power of the Staff to break switches and knock over bad guys!
Super Ground Quake-This is an upgrade to the normal ground quake move. It allows you to knock down bigger bad guys and defeat them quicker.


Ground Quake

For defeating a swarm of smaller enemies, the Ground Quake can't be beat. I t also stuns medium-sized foes, exposing their weak spots to your wrath. The Ground Quake attack takes a while to develop, and you're vulnerable during the windup. Getting hit then interrupts your attack. The quake also activates specific ground switches.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 6

The first Ground Quake is learned at Moon Mountain Pass just after Fox and Tricky leave the Volcano Force Point Temple, when persuaded by the Krazoa God to save the girl named Krystal. It is used against the local creatures called Kalda Chom, that posesses a MoonSeed. It is also useful for taking down groups of SharpClaws. This attack is handy for the disposal of the EggSnatchers as they attempt to make off with the unhatched ThornTail Eggs.

Super Ground Quake

Sometimes you just need to super-size your ability to shake the earth. The Super Ground Quake can stun some of your largest enemies. Its power is awesome. What's more, you can take damage while the attack is developing, but an enemy hit will not interrupt the Super Ground Quake. So let them nip at your heels-you'll soon show them the error of their ways.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 6

A more powerful upgrade called the Super Ground Quake can be learned in Walled City, which is required to take down the RedEye tribe (the first Ground Quake is not strong enough to knock RedEyes down). And either a second blow from the same attack or thowing a Fuel Barrel with vanquish the dinosaurs, if the second blow is not done quickly, the toppled RedEyes will get back on their feet.

The Ground Quake will give off a deep blue shock, taking little time to charge, while the Super Ground Quake will unleash an orange tremor and take a little longer to release and uses more of the Staffs magic meter.



  • Strangely, if the player has the Super Ground Quake set to the Y button and attempts to use this attack on General Scales, during the Test of Scales, it will not affect him, despite him being much smaller than a RedEye.
  • Upon collection of the second version, the first will be erased from the C-Stick Inventory, yet it will remain on General Pepper's report as proof of collection.


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  • Star Fox Adventures

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