This article is about Hajime Hirasawa, the music composer of the original Star Fox game. His name may be confused with Hajime Wakai, co-composer of Star Fox 64 and composer of Star Fox Command.

Hajime Hirasawa (平澤 創, formerly 平沢 創, both read as Hirasawa Hajime) was the composer of the Japan-only Famicom Disk System game Time Twist: Rekishi no Katasumi de... released in 1991 and the Super NES title Star Fox released worldwide in 1993. He left Nintendo immediately after the development of Star Fox, and formed his own company Faith, Inc. that produces music on demand.

Hirasawa's involvement in Star Fox produced some of the most distinctive and memorable sounds in the series, mixing a combination of orchestra, rock and jazz styles. Hirasawa did not compose another Star Fox game, but he oversaw the rearrangement of the Space Armada theme for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Though Hirasawa was not involved in composing the music of Star Fox 2, composers Kozue Ishikawa and Yumiko Kanki used many of the same styles Hirasawa had used to give the game's music a similar feel.

Hirasawa's composition style was mostly abandoned in the music for Star Fox 64 composed by Hajime Wakai and Koji Kondo, and most Star Fox series games since then have made greater use of their styles instead of Hirasawa's.


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