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Ice Blaster
Battle Information
Attack Power

Minimal to High depending on Enemy

Battle Effect

Freezes Enemies

Purpose Description

Projectile Attack
Diffuses Fire

Magic Meter Depletion

Minimal to High depending on usage

Chronological and Area Information

Volcano Force Point Temple


Star Fox Adventures

You have collected the ICE BLAST! Use it to douse flames and freeze bad guys!
—Magic Cave's description

The Ice Blaster, also known as Ice Blast or Freeze Blast, is the third Staff Upgrade for Krystal's Staff which Fox McCloud learns at the Volcano Force Point Temple, during his expedition on Sauria.


Its functions are as expected: It is able to extinguish fire and freeze enemies that are too tough for the Staff, such as the FireCrawler. This technique is the only way to defeat the FireBats. Like the Boost/Brake Gauge, the effect and range of the Ice Blaster is greater the longer the button is held, yet it will rapidly deplete the Staff's magic meter. Therefore, it is recommended that the Staff's magic meter upgrades are collected to prolong its use.

Ice Blast

Ice Blast

Detailed Report

Give this a blast and turn baddies into ice. You then only need to hit them once and they'll smash.


Ice Blaster

One of the more useful upgrades, the Ice Blaster is devastating in combat. Freeze SharpClaws or face other foes, turning them into ugly ice sculptures, then shatter them with a single blow from the Staff. The range is limited, so it's not so good against flyers. The Ice Blaster also extinguishes flames that block your path (medium or small fires only).
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 6

Name Discrepancy

Like the other upgrades in Star Fox Adventures, this technique's official name is inconsistent. At first, when receiving the upgrade, the game announces the attainment of "Ice Blast". General Pepper also uses this name if contacted via the Communicator. However, in the C-Stick Inventory, it is always named "Freeze Blast". Outside the game, in Prima's Official Strategy Guide, the upgrade is addressed as "Ice Blaster". Ergo, this Staff upgrade has three names.



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