Ice Mountain
Fox on Ice Mountain

Ice Mountain

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A huge mountain that towers above the planet. Used by the SharpClaw as a makeshift prison.

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On a clear day, you can see the top of Ice Mountain.

Ice Mountain is the name of a location on the planet Sauria. It is Sauria's tallest mountain and a makeshift prison for General Scales.


Perhaps the most desolate landscape in the game, Ice Mountain is thoroughly covered with thick snow, skeletal trees, and domed with layered clouds. The white covered mountain can be viewed clearly from ThornTail Hollow. A chilling breeze is always brewing, freezing any creature mad enough to venture here to the bone. The only notable landmarks are the Cheat Token Well and the sparsely-populated SharpClaw base at the summit. Descending down the mountain is the equally cold floes of SnowHorn Wastes.


In the Plight of SauriaFox McCloud traveled to Ice Mountain, via the Warp Stone on his expedition, at the request of the Queen EarthWalker for rescuing her son. Prince Tricky was taken prisoner there with two SharpClaws.

SharpClaw Race

It is here that Fox raced the two SharpClaws that attacked Tricky. If they are destroyed in the race, more will take their place at the cutscene at the end of the race. If Fox returns to this area, he can race two SharpClaws again. There is no prize for winning and no consequence for losing.




  • Star Fox Adventures

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