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IPBM (short for Interplanetary Ballistic Missile) is a term used in the Aeon Genesis fan-translation to refer to the Planetary Missile (from the patched fan-translation note the modified emblem, which was originally kanji) assortment utilized by Andross in Star Fox 2.


These missiles are designed to reach far in the same galaxy - particularly Corneria. The four types were Planet Missile, Spread Missile, Turtle Missile and Station Missile. The former two types could be encountered in the same group, whereas the latter two were only launched individually.


  • The Copperhead missiles that appeared in later games may be the successors to the IPBM. In addition, the Anglar Missiles may also be their successors considering that Star Fox Command recycles elements from Star Fox 2.
  • The acronym "IPBM" is a reference to the real-world ICBM, which stands for "Intercontinental Ballistic Missile."


  • The Planet Missile somewhat resembles a pencil.

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