Koji Kondo

Kōji Kondō (近藤 浩二 Kondō Kōji) is one of the most famous and accomplished video game music composers in the history of the industry. Better known for composing some of the most well-known Mario and Legend of Zelda music, he has also had a relatively smaller (though still significant) involvement in the Star Fox series.

Kōji Kondō was first involved with the original Star Fox, where he created the game's sound effects. Kondō later composed the music of Star Fox 64 (along with Hajime Wakai), which includes its main theme (and all the tracks that utilize its leitmotifs), various game demos, and the themes of Bill Grey and Katt Monroe. Kondo's contributions are among the longest-lasting in the series, replacing Hirasawa's musical direction and establishing its definitive anthem.


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