The characteristics of Katt, including physical appearance and voice acting.

Physical Appearance

  • Katt's first name is the respective word for "Cat" in both Swedish and Norwegian. Additionally, Katti (Finnish) and Kat (Dutch, Danish) are similar.
  • Katt is the only female pilot in Star Fox Command who neither is nor wears pink, despite the fact that she was of a pink coloration in her previous appearances. This change in appearance is possibly due to the design for Krystal, Lucy Hare and Amanda featuring a mixture of pink, so they decided to redesign the original all pink character to make a contrast between the female cast. However it must be stressed that this is only a theory.
  • Since many elements from Star Fox 2 were carried over to Star Fox 64, it is largely speculated that Katt was created as an equivalent or a replacement for Miyu.


FBF Katts Distress Call

Falco gets Katt's distress call as she gets attacked by Goras.

Katt seemed to be somewhat of a flirt in Star Fox 64; when the player saves her from enemy fire, Katt says "I could kiss you for that!" in a flirtatious manner. In the manga, she acts friendly with Falco's team to intentionally annoy him. 

Like Falco's apparent behaviour towards her, Katt has been known to be a bit of a nuisance to the Cornerian Army, but they acknowledged that she had been useful in the common fight against Andross's Empire.

Falco's revelation

Katt remembers her falling out with Falco.

At least in the Farewell; Beloved Falco manga, Katt is determined to do things herself after remembering her fallout with Falco, because he was sick of always coming to her rescue because she was sweet on him.


Language Game Voice actor
Japanese Star Fox 64 Kyoko Tonguu
Japanese Star Fox 64 3D Kei Hayami
English Star Fox 64/3D Lyssa Browne