A list of games that feature Katt as an ally and playable character.

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SF64 Katt Copperhead

Katt brings down a Copperhead for Fox.

Katt debuts in Star Fox 64, where she first appears at Zoness to help out, just after passing the item stackup. Katt helps out by shooting down Radar Buoys and starfighters, and will be chased by a Bandit after passing a Todora. Katt vanishes after the Sarumarine is sunk when Falco wonders out loud where she went to.

Katt will later appear at Sector Z and Macbeth after tracking Star Fox, only if the route included Zoness, or else she won't know here they had gone to.

At Sector Z, Katt will arrive during the final wave of Missiles and Invader III fighters, but her shooting any down denies any points from the score check. She leaves after telling Falco that he owes her, as well as giving good luck whishes if all six missiles were shot down, but if Great Fox took a hit, Katt will console Fox by saying: "Too bad, little man!". Taking the route to Sector Z from Sector X's warp may be preferable since Katt won't appear and increase the chances of gaining a Medal because the Hit points won't be lost from her shooting one down. 

>At Macbeth, Katt arrives to help in the dogfight against the wave of Granga fighters and shoot selected Train track switches. She will complement Fox, calling him "tiger" before leaving.

Strategy Guide description

Katt Monroe has a crush on Falco, but he doesn't even know she's alive. She intends to make certain that he does take notice- and soon.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 9

Lylat Datalink

Katt Monroe is an expert pilot and an occasional ally of the Star Fox team. The Cornerian military considers her a bit of a nuisance but acknowledges that she has been useful in the fight against Andross. Intel reports state that Katt was once ambushed- and her ship crippled- by an Androssian patrol, and that because of this incident, she has dedicated herself to Andross's defeat. Katt currently flies a heavily modified Invader-class fighter, dubbed The Catspaw, apparently stolen from one of Andross's bases. When asked about this by her close friend, Falco, Katt allegedly replied, "Just be glad I'm on your side, fly boy."
—Lylat Datalink, Katt on the wing, pg 98

Note: Katt has her own, distinct musical cue that plays whenever she appears in Star Fox 64. The tune returned in a new styled leitmotif during Star Fox Command whenever the player controls the Cat's Paw II.

Star Fox Command
Katt Monroe

Katt's biography in the Star Fox Command character gallery.

Katt returns in Star Fox Command where she is a playable character , piloting her new customised Cat's Paw II, within the following paths:

Falco's Decision

After arriving at the Asteroid Belt, Falco realizes that Star Wolf has just left and headed towards Sector X. Instead of following them outright, Falco decides to clear the area of Anglars first. Within a short amount of time, Katt Monroe shows up to help Falco vanquish the remaining ships. With the Anglars gone from the area, Falco thanks Katt for her help, but also says that he could have managed to work fine on his own. Somewhat miffed at his comment, Katt flies off, saying she'll never help him again.

Pigma's Revenge

After following Star Wolf to Sector X, Falco finds not only that Wolf has already moved on, but that Pigma, who has now mutated into something reminiscent of a puzzle box, was waiting for him. After the two exchange threats, Falco begins to attack the Anglar units in the vicinity. After a short time, however, Katt once again shows up to assist and the Anglar forces are soon defeated.

Lucy and Krystal

Anglar forces are once again preparing an attack on Corneria, and Lucy is preparing for the advancing onslaught when she is contacted by Krystal, who, along with Katt and Amanda, came to help defend Corneria. A short while after the defeat of the Anglars on Corneria, Lucy receives a transmission from Peppy saying that Fox and the others have defeated the remaining Anglars on Venom. The team then returns to Corneria, where Lucy, Krystal, Katt, and Amanda all hold a celebration for Team Star Fox...

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Should Fox continually hit Katt, she will express how mad she is getting at his misfires.


In Star Fox Zero, Fox pilots the Gyrowing inside Cornerian base on Zoness that had been assaulted by Andross's Empire, where Katt appears to have been captured and asks Fox to help rescue her, where Katt flirts by calling Fox music to her ears, regarding that she's sick to death of apes and monkeys.

She later reappears at Sector Beta shortly after the Granby is taken out, complementing Fox. Falco then demands to know what she's doing there, causing her to retort that if that was any way to treat a lady. However, she ends up being driven away by the newly arrived Star Wolf team (specifically, Leon Powalski, Pigma Dengar, and Andrew Oikonny).

Katt also arrives at Fortuna should the player head there, where she aids the player in areas and makes a smart remark at Falco's expense.


  • Since many elements from Star Fox 2 were carried over to Star Fox 64, it is largely speculated that Katt was created as an equivalent or a replacement for Miyu.