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Kew is a planet in the Star Fox series introduced in one of the nine endings in the title Star Fox Command for the Nintendo DS. It is unknown what position Kew takes on the Lylat Map.


Not much is known of the planet itself, although it is located in a different galaxy called "Krazoa" according to the Japanese version.

In this particular ending, it is said that Krystal, unable to face up to her sins, ran from her problems and became the bounty huntress known as "Kursed" (though this alias does not exist in the Japanese version). While taking a bounty on the planet Kew, she encounters Fox again who does not seem to recognize her. It is unknown if through this ending's timeline if the two ever put aside their differences and get back together again.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (キュー, Kyū)


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