The Killer Bee is a bioweapon created by Andross that was used to guard the terraforming device on Titania that would neutralize the acidity of the Venom seas. It is similar in appearance to the Killer Bees used by Andross's Army during the Lylat Wars.

Methods of Attack

The Killer Bee has two attacks. The first attack is to appear some distance away above the player and release several miniature versions of the Killer Bee that attack by ramming the player. These miniature Killer Bees can be shot down or barrel rolled through, and can drop fuel cells. For the second attack, the Killer Bee positions itself in front of the player and raises its abdomen to fire yellow laser blasts at the player. Between attacks, the Killer Bee will disappear, but it can be tracked by the high-pitched noise the Killer Bee makes. The Killer Bee will also still appear on the touch screen radar.


The Killer Bee's weak point is its abdomen, which can be locked on to. Bombs will also damage it. Attacking the body will cause attacks to bounce off, and the Killer Bee is immune to bombs while it is invisible.

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