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Fox meets a Krazoa Spirit within a Krazoa Shrine.

A Krazoa Shrine is where the six Krazoa Spirits are located on Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. The Shrines are long tunnels filled with traps and puzzle solving tests in order to meet with the Krazoa Spirit inside to accept the Krazoa Test. The Shrines are eventually found at certain scripted game points that require seeking out. Warp Gates are the entry point into the Shrines, which in turn lock Fox out after the tests are completed. Some Shrines have Brain Squid or Bloops inside them as distractions or enemies to clear any Life-Force Doors. If the Krazoa Test is failed, the player will need to walk through the entire Shrine and complete the challenges again before the Krazoa Test can be redone.


Fox attempts the Test of Knowledge. Complete the test under the time limit for the penultimate Krazoa Spirit.

Shrine Information


Found by: Test Location


Observation Krazoa Palace


Combat Moon Mountain Pass
3 Fox Fear

LightFoot Village

4 Fox Strength

SnowHorn Wastes


Fox Knowledge

Walled City


Fox Battle with General Scales Krazoa Palace

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